Religion Bulletin: Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower arrive in Massachusetts

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"Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor" by William Halsall, 1882.

On Nov. 11, 1620, Puritan pilgrims aboard the Mayflower arrive at Provincetown Harbor, Massachusetts, and later establish the Plymouth Colony. Led by Puritan separatist William Bradford, who would go on to become the governor of Plymouth Colony, the colonists made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean in order to escape persecution from King James I of England. The passengers endured miserable conditions for 65 days before spotting land on Nov. 9. During the next months, Bradford would lead expeditions to find a suitable place to set up the colony, eventually settling on a hill in Plymouth (named on earlier charts). The pilgrims and their journey aboard the Mayflower would later inspire the U.S.’s national Thanksgiving holiday.

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Nov. 12: Birthday of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i)

Nov. 14: Diwali (Hindu)

Nov. 15: New Year (Jain)

Nov. 30: St. Andrew’s Day (Roman Catholic)

Nov. 30: Guru Nanak Ji’s birthday (Sikh)

Dec. 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Roman Catholic)

Dec. 8: Bodhi Day (Buddha’s Enllightenment) (Buddhist)

Dec. 10: Hanukkah (Jewish)

Dec. 20: Yule (Pagan and Wiccan)

Dec. 25: Christmas (Christian)

Dec. 26: St. Stephen’s Day (Roman Catholic)


"Bless It"

“Bless It” by Kate Buckley and Teresa Lacks

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Ganesh: Pronounced “guh-NAYSH.” The beloved elephant-faced representation of God honored by Hindus and followers of other Indian religions, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.



Costa Rica

According to the CIA World Factbook, the religious makeup of Costa Rica is:

- Roman Catholic: 71.8%

- Evangelical and Pentecostal: 12.3%

- Other Protestant: 2.6%

- Jehovah’s Witness: 0.5%

- Other: 2.4%

- None: 10.4%

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