The internet is full of interesting ideas for holiday decorating

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley

I know I wrote just the other day about decorating early for Christmas, but I had a few more things to share. 

For one, I have found the most interesting decorating tips on social media apps from TikTok to Pinterest to Facebook. And now is about the time to start looking because we are gonna blink and it will be time to start singing "Jingle Bells."

One of the things that I have been searching for is a way to string lights outside on my brick home without having to put anything permanently on the bricks since it is a rental. So I looked and looked and thought about those Command strips, but man they are expensive. Then, I was flipping through TIkTok and this gal in Texas, hot glued her lights right to the brick. she claimed they stayed there all season and were really easy to just wiggle off when it came time to take them down. Anyone ever try that? I thought I knew every use for hot glue, but that was a new one for me.

Speaking of TikTok, and I do, a lot, I know, but there are so many people on there that talk about shopping at a national store chain where everything is a dollar that it kinda turned me off the app for a while. i had shopped at a few of those stores and was not really impressed. Then I happened onto some videos where people were taking the very inexpensive items they got at those stores and remaking them. Two $1 Halloween signs were joined and repainted to make a Christmas sign. Now, one can't buy the materials for $2 to make such a sign normally, and who is going to look at the back? Those are the kind of things I can get behind. 

I do admit that some of the stuff that some of the people make looks fairly flimsy or kinda childish, but a lot of it is to be made with children or for children so that isn't all that bad. I have also come across a few content creators ( I think that is what they call themselves) who try things that they saw on other social media apps. One girl tries stuff from Pinterest and I am so happy to know that she posts her fails as much as her successes. And like most of my Pinterest fails, they are fairly hilarious once you get past the clean up. 

Although one post has me in a bit of a tizzy. I am sure it was actually a commercial post that had be cleverly disguised as a blog post. But this gal was talking about stocking stuffers for grown ups. She was giving ideas about stuff one could put in Christmas stockings for grown ups that wouldn't just get thrown away. Folks, she said she spends from $50 to $100 a piece on each stocking full of stuff. I am the only one who thinks that is crazy? 

Aren't stockings just little stuff and a whole bunch of candy and gum and maybe one nice but small present? I mean, like maybe a pair of moderately priced earbuds or phone charging chord or something. She said a "moderately priced item" was $25 to $50 for a stocking stuffer. A stocking stuffer for $25 needs to be wrapped and put under that tree, at least in our family it would have been. 

Heck with the price of good candy these days, one can blow that $25 on candy for each stocking if not careful and not have anything that isn't edible. Other posts listed things like phone chargers or cases, or earbuds or batteries or gloves and hats as perfect stocking stuffers. I guess it just goes to show even on social media runs looking for holiday ideas, one has to know how to stay in one's own lane. And that woman and I are on different highways. 

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