Sherman Symphony brings the music home during pandemic

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The Sherman Symphony will perform virtual concerts in its upcoming season

While many entertainment and arts experiences have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sherman Symphony is going forward with its upcoming season..

Sherman Symphony Director Daniel Dominick said the season will, as usual, provide a concert in October, December, March and May, but they won’t be the in person events generally held locally.

“With COVID restrictions, it just isn’t reasonable to think we can fill up an auditorium and have 75 players on the stage. So, we have decided to allow individual players and small groups of players to determine the repertoire and even do their own rehearsing in preparation for concerts that we record and release on YouTube and Facebook,” Dominick said in an email about the season.

“Some of the pieces will be fairly standard, like a string quintet or horn quartet or solo work for an individual player. But with the creativity we have in our orchestra, we’ll also have the unexpected. Not everything will be classical music, although most pieces will be,” he added.

The concerts will be free.

“We hope that the audience will share the video links so that people all over can experience great music played by our terrific musicians. On the orchestra’s website ( there are links that will allow folks to sign up to receive email notices when we release concerts,” he said.

He said the switch was made easier because the symphony already has years of experience filming every concert and producing shows that are broadcast on CBS KXII-12 every month.

“We hope that we can remain relevant to our audience as we wait for the time we can perform together and in-person again. We hope that we can offer some beautiful and meaningful experiences with great music. We hope that some of the difficulty and hardship that this pandemic has brought to so many lives can be relieved for even a few minutes during our performances. And we hope that our viewers can feel the love of music our players bring to each performance,” Dominick said.

He said they want the community to think about the Symphony as more than a group of people who play a few concerts every year. “We would like them to think about individual players who live in our community and area. We want them to think about a great organization that is giving back in the best way they can to our community.”

Part of that giving back will include virtual Children’s Concerts that will allow the symphony to continue its deep commitment to education.

“Like always, this new educational material will be free and sent to ISDs in the entire region. We even will provide it on our website so that schools outside our area might find it useful.

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Suzy Barker plays the flute during Sherman Symphony Orchestra rehearsals at the Kidd-Key auditorium in Sherman in 2017.