Local artist shares story, dreams for GC art community

Shannon Orr,
The Herald Democrat
Abe Marin

Born in California and raised in Sherman, Abe Marin has planted roots that grow deep in our artistic community. Marin graduated from Sherman High School, received his associate’s degree in art from Grayson County College and earned his bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary design and management from the University of North Texas.

Academically educated in the arts, he recalled his first steps in elementary school with what began as doodling between assignments and building the circle of friends he has today.

“I continued to refine my skills but I would say that officially my title as an artist solidified when I met my college professor, Steve Black. His teachings and the talented students I encountered have contributed much to my love for creativity. Grayson College and The University of North Texas has gifted me with a pallet of inspiration and opportunities to expand my title as an artist,” said Marin.

After school he found himself conflicted on what he wanted for himself. He slowed down the career drive to focus on important life decisions and building a solid foundation for his future.

“I proposed to my dear wife and returned to school to work my way towards teaching. Along the way I got married, became a proud father and found a home. As a family man now I have noticed a change in my perspective and as an artist I welcome any new perspective,” said Marin.

Learning to adapt to marriage, parenthood, and home ownership as well as their responsibilities while keeping his goals in sight has created some roadblocks. He admits life has challenged and changed him in significant ways but he also welcomes those changes.

“Although these changes have driven me to grow better as a person, I would say I find less time to focus on my artistic side of aspirations. But life is full of curve balls and hurdles just like for everyone else. I'll learn just as I did when I first began my artistic journey; steady and patient,” said Marin.

Currently, Marin is working on more personal projects to fill the rooms of his home for his wife and son, Jack, who have inspired him to learn and grown in both character as well as artistic ability. Originally inspired by a few doodles of his son as a superhero, the idea has evolved into developing a series for his son to look back on in the future. The work also features their shelter-adopted dog, Archie, who will be accompanying Jack on various adventures.

“I often imagine him as a little adventurer and I illustrate some of the roles I think for him. I enjoy working on this because I hope one day he'll look back at my work and know how spectacular his ol' dad sees him,” added Marin. “My wife and I often speak about how we will strive to give our son a grand creative outlet for him to grow and find himself. I believe this will be very beneficial for him to grow up on. The second piece is more elaborate so far. In this scenario I'm exploring the idea of him and Archie embarking on Sci-Fi archaeological endeavors.”

His career goal, for now, is to continue to generate interest with personalized work for patrons, such as storybooks, posters, shirts and even cards. He is intrigued by the creative visions of others and enjoys listening to people and help them create projects.

“I'm very much eager to converse with patrons on anything that peaks their interests. My best method of contact is through my email. We'll exchange more information after introductions and questions about the project of interest,” Marin added. “This can also be expanded to commercial work for local businesses and organizations.”

A current member of the Denison Arts Council, he has a special focus on the Dia los Muertos Festival but enjoys building the wonderful local artistic community that we have.

“If you're looking to make a name for yourself or let your work be known to the community, I have some advice that may interest you,” he said. As an artist you should know the names of other artists too. Your community is brimming with people, like yourself, that are just as eager to join with other artists. The Denison Arts Council has made great strides in introducing art to the area and is always looking to recruit volunteers to aid in this mutual goal. Artists make proud pieces of work but they should also make great leaps as well. Sharing your art and experiences with others is just as beneficial to your art skills as countless hours spent at your workstation. Come on out during our yearly festivities and introduce yourself to a potential circle of new companions. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist I promise you there's more to art than just paints and brushes. There comes a nurturing feeling to the mind when you help contribute with others to create something wonderful.”

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