The art, life of Vivian Spears

Shannon Orr,
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Vivian Spears is a local artist who has lived in Texoma for more than 40 years. Her oil paintings are rich in color, evoking the character and emotions of her subject, from human to animal.

As a youth, Spears grew up with her four siblings in an environment of makers, amd her parents always encouraged them to freely express their creativity.

Her childhood was spent moving to wherever railroad jobs created opportunities for her father, in turn giving her great experiences.

“I grew up in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, she said. My Kansas life was horseback riding, playing in hay-filled barns, quarry swimming, family reunions, and dragging the strip.”

Oklahoma years included the windy city, and during those awkward teen years, Spears enjoyed neighborhood gatherings for football on the street, taking buses to school. What she remembers most about her time in Texas was the mosquitoes, refineries, crabbing, and deep-sea fishing in the ocean.

For Spears, art and North Texas collided when she found great camaraderie with the GYST gallery group of Denison in the 90s. The group was headed by Greg Mack until it disbanded and Mack moved away.

Later returning, Mack reopened GYST Gallery until he died.

Now, Spears finds places for her work with Ghost Town Arts Collective (formerly Gallery Off The Square) and The Frame Team of Sherman.

“Art has been, and always will be, a spiritual expression of who I am. I have enjoyed sculpture, stained glass, floral design, but oil painting is a truly elevating experience and I continue to challenge myself”, she said Spears.

“Pat Pierce has been a great influence and I have admired her work for years,” she continued. “She has taught me some valuable tips. Studying the fine masters and online artists continues to push me to improve my craft.”

She recommends anyone interested in developing their painting skills to seek lessons so they may gain knowledge of color, shading, perspective and light.

Vivian Spears in not currently showing in a gallery but is working on commissions.

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