Lane shift project set off a week

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Herald Democrat
The project to widen US Highway 82 in Fannin County is set to begin next week.

A major road project in Fannin County has been delayed for a week. The Texas Department of Transportation announced Wednesday the westbound traffic lane shift schedule to begin this week on US Highway 82 will be postponed.

The work is not scheduled to begin on July 22.

“Westbound traffic traveling on US 82 near Honey Grove at the Fannin-Lamar County line will be directed onto the newly constructed lanes for approximately 10 miles,” a release from TxDOT said. “Meanwhile, eastbound traffic on US 82 will remain on the existing roadway, officials said.”

The department is advising individuals who travel along this route to be advise of the road construction set to take place.

“Drivers who travel frequently in this area, and those who desire to cross from the north, are advised that all driveways, county roads and FM roads will include a full stop at their intersection with US 82,” the release said. “After the stop, traffic can proceed to cross over to the median.”

Stop signs will be placed at these locations prior to be beginning of the lane shift. Other signage will also be posted to “alert drivers to the new stop signs.”

During this period, US 82 in Fannin County will be expanded from a two-lane stretch into a four-lane highway “depressed median, from one-half mile west of State Highway 121 in Bonham eastward to approximately six-tenths of mile east of State Highway 56 in Honey Grove.”

As always, TxDot also advised drives to “pay special attention to all barricades, traffic controls and signs, and to reduce their speed as they approach and travel through work zones. They should also avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, drinking, or car audio or navigation systems.”

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