Future Bass Tournament Anglers found Texoma bass ready and willing to bite last Saturday. Forty-three boats hit the lake with only six not catching a fish. Weights were good.

Future Bass Tournament Anglers found Texoma bass ready and willing to bite last Saturday. Forty-three boats hit the lake with only six not catching a fish. Weights were good.

In first the team of Smith and Haden had 29.21 pounds and second big bass — a 6.99-pounder, Stephens and Hess were second with 23.62 points, third was Ward and Carlton at 22.43 pounds and the big bass at 7.21 pounds, fourth was Burkett and J.C. Thompson with 20.09 pounds and in with was McCollum and McCollum at 20.04 pounds. It took at least 15.89 pounds for 15th place. Sixteen limits and 120 bass were weighed in.

Last Friday I finally broke my no-fish jinx. I can’t say I had a lot to do with it. With the warm days and nights we have been having the lake is warming up and the coves and banks on the side with the wind blowing on them will be the warmest.

The mild weather warms the surface temperature and the wind blows it into them. Now is when you need a temp gauge on your boat. A difference of one or two degrees can make all the difference. Most of our LCRs today come with a temperature gauge.

I launched at Highport. They have got the hazards out of the way near the ramp but you still need to be careful. I picked up my Temple Fork Outfitters Medium Light Tactical Rod designed by Gary Loomis. I have four and use them for 80 percent of my fishing. Don’t let the medium light part scare you off — this is one good rod for a lot of uses.

Tying on a Bomber 6A in Red Chartreuse with a black back saw my third cast get hooked up. It was a nice keeper. Nothing perks you up like a fish when it’s been a coon’s age since you caught one. I stayed in Highport for a while longer but I was moving more on my big motor than trolling motor because of all the boathouses sitting on the bottom. This prevents you from going down the bank like in days when we had water.

Leaving there I ran down to Mill Creek that saw no fish but I did get a bite. I left and went to Buncombe Creek. Fishing several places that had treated me well in the past got no bites.

I go way back and some of you might remember the Wallace Wildlife Show that was on TV a long time ago. I had the pleasure of fishing with Don three times and we worked a lot of tackle shows together. He had a house at Buncombe and told me about a stretch of rock bank that saved his hide on some of his shows. He said it was always a good winter bank.

I went to it and I saw why it could be so good and with the lake low I got a good look at what will be under the water someday. Backing off I shot a cast almost on the bank. I was about half-way back to the boat bumping the bottom when my Bomber deep Square Bill crank bait stopped.

I thought I had hung up until my rod shook. Setting the hook and after playing with the fish longer than I should, but it felt good, I lipped a three-pound fish. The bank had bass scattered up and down it. I’m sure the fish were holding on a ledge in a little deeper water where they could move on up easily when the urge hits. I marked bait in the deeper water before I got to the ledge so I’m sure that was another reason they were there. The shad were following the wall the ledge was on.

This was the only spot in Buncombe I tried where I could catch a fish. Leaving there I made a run to Rock Creek and, fishing a bank I like with a YUM Flash Mob Rig, a 17-pound striper managed to get four of the five hooks in him. Getting them all out reminded me of skinning a Porky Pine: be careful or get stuck. Finally getting it unhooked I released it.

Not long after I got another one of those hang-ups until it started moving. I was using my TFO Rod and my favorite winter lure a Blakemore Road Runner. With one of Jeff Foreman’s four-inch swim baits on it. I didn’t feel the fish until he took off stripping drag. After a long wrestling match I got a submarine to cruise down the side of my boat. It was a six-foot gar bill and all maybe bigger about the size of my leg.

It took off again and once more I got him turned, the medium light rod was bent almost double for all the time I had him on and never seemed to be overwhelmed. I didn’t have anything in the boat to get him in with and after trying to stab one with a knife when Dean Johnson and I were fishing and having it glance off and almost go through the hull I knew I wasn’t gonna try that.

Finally I just cut the line — the gar got a Road Runner to hang on his wall. It’s nice to catch fish for a change.