Now this is about as true a statement as an honest man can make.

Now this is about as true a statement as an honest man can make.

In my earlier articles I had been wishing for a cold winter. I got it. I just wish the lake hadn’t been so low and got so cold. My idea when I wrote about it was a water temp in the low 40s to high 30s max.

Some days lately on the water has found me getting a 33-37 degree temperature reading — the higher later in the day if the sun shined. In one of my articles I popped off and said I could catch at least one fish every time I went out in the cold water.

This past Saturday that statement came back to bite me. Texoma Bass Club had its monthly tournament. Seven boats showed up in the two-day tournament. For the first time since I have been in the club, well over 20 years, my partner, who shall remain nameless, and I never caught a fish or got a bite.

After making five short trips last week without a bite in Little Mineral, I suggested we fish the Highport side. We were figuring on eating some humble pie to say the least at weigh-in. After Saturday’s tournament was over we were tied for first place along with five other teams, so no pie.

Only one boat thought they had a bite; the rest of us just fished. Maybe we weren’t so bad because talking to three more boats that had been bass fishing — they never got a bite either. On Sunday only one boat fished and all they needed to win the whole caboodle was one 12-inch fish. They never got a bite either.

The low water has made launching dangerous. Our ramp is still usable if you are careful backing and don‘t fall off the end. Highport Marina is open but they have put up yellow poles where the ramp ends. There are two big hard somethings under the water just after you launch and turn to leave.

When we launched there were two red balls tied to them. It wasn’t long before one had been cut off after getting run over. We watched as boat after big, nice boat came in. We yelled and waved and pointed at the water but they just waved back then hit them.

The water on one side of them is shallow and a big pontoon boat, figuring out what we were trying to do, cut to the side and buried his motor in sand and gravel and couldn’t get off. This is just one of the many problems rearing its head and it is getting worse as no rain is in sight.

Your best chance of launching safely, as far as I know, now is Little Mineral Marina on our side. Highport is about your only choice on the west side. Ike has one ramp still usable as of the last I heard. Several are open on the Oklahoma side but before making the long pull I would call ahead.

The eagles are still here sitting in trees along the bluffs.

The warm days might have come just in time as the shad die off seems to have slacked up. There are still plenty of shad in the deep 50-60 foot water in the River Channels. Striper fishing is good to real good, at least for one boat we talked to.

They had lots of pictures of big fish they caught Saturday and even one video. Jeff said they came in one to 12 feet of water on a soft swim bait Jeff Forman is making. It is supple and lively in the water.

The warming spell we are having should make the bass move around as the water warms. If going fishing, I would work rock points and banks and sand drops. These tend to warm up faster. Rock ledges and flats might also have some fish on them.

Low water has caused me even more problems. I have worked for a couple of years building a big brush pile in our cove for bass cover. Well the lake is so low, and has been for a while, some people fishing from the bank pulled all the wood out and burned it to stay warm; all I have left is rocks and some steel.

This week has seen Susan and me getting ready for the spring planting season, not exactly conducive to bass fishing. We moved some plants, bought and planted some new ones and are waiting for some we want to show up at nurseries. We decided this year to try container gardening as Nematodes in our old garden took our veggies.

Rather than go through how Texas A&M said to get rid of them we moved the vegetable garden. I also finished up getting rid of all our picket fence doggie guards and replaced them with steel ones. The only mistake was I tried to unscrew my finger when the drill slipped off a Phillips head and got me. I bled like a stuck hog. Susan was gone. Ever try to get a band-aid out of the cover, hold a rag on the finger and then try to wrap it with one hand? It isn’t the easiest thing to do.

I trailed blood in the house and got blood everywhere trying to open a band-aid package. Finally getting the bleeding under control I cleaned up all the blood I could find with the dogs helping. "Hoover" (Callie) beats a steam cleaner for finding and removing blood.