Dove Hunters: Time to Start Shooting Again

Dove Hunters: Time to Start Shooting Again

By Lynn Burkhead

Herald Democrat

Being a deadeye wingshot in a September dove field actually starts in the dog days of late July and August.

How so?

By grabbing your shotgun, a few boxes of upland loads, and a supply of clay pigeons for a late summer practice session, or two, or three.

That’s the advice of Steve Hollensed, a Tom Bean, Texas, wingshooter and Orvis fly fishing guide who has more than four decades of wingshooting experience behind him with his trusty Remington 1100 autoloader.

"(A dove hunter’s) first shot each year is (often) at a live dove," said Hollensed. "That’s probably a mistake.

"That shot needs to be at a clay target or two to get the muscles and eyes conditioned to shooting effectively again after a long layoff over the summer."