With the best days of the November rut at hand, deer hunters are reporting a mixed bag of activity this week in Grayson County.

With the best days of the November rut at hand, deer hunters are reporting a mixed bag of activity this week in Grayson County.

For a few, the 2013 season is a great one as a record class deer has sauntered by inside of bow-and-arrow range.

For others — including some very good hunters taking a stand on some of the best properties in the county — this season is a dud.

So far at least.

Take last weekend, for example, when mild weather, abundant food, and the recent full moon conspired to slow down, if not all but stop, the action on the best deer hunting property in Grayson County.

That of course is Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge where the Segment B archery deer hunt took place last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Despite the rut, the three-day hunt was reportedly one of the slowest in recent memory. So slow that only a small handful of deer were taken by bowhunters including what appeared to be a 130-class 12-pointer with a 22-inch inside spread.

But while things weren’t hopping that much at Hagerman, they were hopping in other parts of the county according to Erik Burns, lead guide with Bullzeye Outfitters and the head bow mechanic at Bullzeye Outdoors Archery Shop west of Sherman.

"One of our good customers at the archery shop, Robert Duhon, took a tremendous buck late last week near Whitewright," said Burns.

The photo of the Duhon buck appears to be of a mainframe typical sporting 12-points along with a kicker or two. The buck appears to have very good mass, good main beams, and an impressive inside spread of 20 inches or better.

How big is the deer? Plenty big. From the photos I’ve seen, it would appear that the buck could be a potential contender for Boone & Crockett Club record book honors.

"They’ve scored him (somewhere around) 170, I believe," said Burns.

While it remains to be seen what the final official 60-day score of the Duhon buck actually turns out to be, that isn’t the only good whitetail to fall in recent days.

One Grayson County hunter with several good bucks to his credit took a good 10-point typical west of Sherman last weekend that appears to be 150-inches or better. The deer will easily make the Pope & Young Club and/or Texas Big Game Awards program should the hunter choose to enter it.

Another local hunter took a multi-tined buck a week or so ago in the southwestern part of Grayson County. While it’s hard to judge the buck in the photo that I’ve seen, it appears to have a dozen or more points and should be yet another contender for P&Y and/or TBGA honors.

By my unofficial count, that would make 7-10 bucks taken so far this fall that should score high enough for entry in the Pope & Young Club and/or the Texas Big Game Awards program.

And that’s with a month and a half of deer hunting left on the calendar, mind you.

What will the Thanksgiving Day holiday week bring? Probably some red-hot deer hunting if I’m guessing right.

Especially since a well placed local deer hunting source told me there was some good deer movement observed on Thursday "…including a few giants."

With the backside of the rut occurring, a darkening moon, cold and wet weather roaring into the area overnight, the abundant acorn crop finally playing out, and natural food sources getting hammered by the freezing weather forecast this weekend, don’t be surprised if one or more Grayson County hunters has plenty to be thankful for next week.

Because if you’ve got fresh backstrap on the table and big set of whitetail headbones destined for the wall, who needs Norman Rockwell and his Butterball turkey anyway?