This year has seemed to fly by. I fished a lot of it. For me, other bass club members and guides, fishing has been as good as we have seen it in a long time.

This year has seemed to fly by. I fished a lot of it. For me, other bass club members and guides, fishing has been as good as we have seen it in a long time.

What will next year bring? Already some striper guides are starting to be a little concerned about water temperature and a possible shad die-off if it gets really cold and the water gets shallow. That might be a real worry if we don’t start getting some inflow.

Our good old government with their connections to the power company at the dam continues to generate. Our president is pushing for more Hydro Electric Green power from dams having generators — whoopee. The water pumps have been running full time ever since they started up again; at least anytime I have been near the pump station you can hear it humming.

The results can be seen all over the lake. There are boathouses sitting on the ground, boats up on shore and some ramps are closed. With no runoff despite the good rains we have had, the lake isn’t even slowing down as the level keeps dropping and our water and zebra mussels go down the river.

I know the lake was not designated for recreation. Flood control and power generation was why it was built. Somehow, cities south of the lake are able to tap into the water storage. The lake is dangerously low now and with winter — normally a time we don’t get much rain — just starting, a drop of three feet or more is possible. Going into summer and not lots of rain might see us as low as it’s ever been.

Some of you readers out there who are as old or older than I am can probably remember the year it was so low you could see humps and stumps out of or just under the water on the big flat from Mill Creek to the river and all the way to the Oklahoma bank from Treasure Island. Then it went over the spillway later in 1957. I’m just an old mule who loves the lake worrying a little.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I got in a last trip Tuesday morning before the jolly fellow came. It was 24 degrees on my back deck and made running across the lake going 60 miles per hour at 7 a.m. brisk.

At my first stop I jumped up and made a beautiful long cast. I had just started a retrieve when the line jumped. I didn’t feel the bite and just happened to be looking when it moved. Having broken off quite a few fish with harder than usual hook sets I just made a sweeping motion and the fight was on. I actually got this fish to and in the boat, Rick.

Picking up my rod I rared back and cast again and it didn’t go anywhere. The Blakemore Road Runner I had on wasn’t heavy enough to overcome the ice in the eyes and level wind. Sticking the rod down in the water, then shaking the ice out of the rod, I made another cast.

It started ok but then the eyes iced up, the lure stopped and the reel continued to spin. Backlash big-time and it was awful cold trying to pick it out with my gloves off. I got untangled and made a couple more casts. I picked up another rod and fished for a short time.

Then I reached down, got my first rod, cast, and nothing happened except it like to have flown out of my hand: my line had froze to itself on the reel and the eyes were solid ice. You don’t get much distance that way.

Being prepared, I found my bottle of Blakemore Reel Magic. Spraying my line and rod eyes with it cut down on it icing up a lot. When I could get my lure in the water, about every 10 to 20 casts, I would catch a fish or get a bite. Now lest you doubt me, talk to anyone I fish with in the winter about how long I stay in one place.

It’s just a matter of casting enough to put it in a fish’s face and he will bite. I quit fishing and was back at the house by one. I caught six fish, all keepers, by dousing my baits with YUM F2 Shad Attractant and not being in a tournament I got them all in the boat. As you are reading this, I’m on the water fishing again.

Begin to get your stuff organized because spring isn’t but a couple of months off. Your Texoma Lake License runs out the end of this month. Don’t forget to get a new one. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.