After two pre-tournament trips last week that had me finding some fish, just not any big ones, I was pushing for my deep fish to be there and they weren’t.

After two pre-tournament trips last week that had me finding some fish, just not any big ones, I was pushing for my deep fish to be there and they weren’t.

Please let it get cold for two reasons. One, I can catch winter fish and two, I need to burn some firewood. It looks like the house the little pig built out of sticks at our place.

With the high-wind forecast for last Saturday in our tournament, I opted to fish Sunday. We still had wind, just not as much. My tournament partner Rick White, who claims he works at Austin College, is in a tight race in our points chase. He needed to weigh in at least 11 pounds to stay in the running. I’m not even in the top 10 this year as I played and missed some tournaments and meetings. I am having fun without any pressure this year.

Saturday, despite the high wind, some good bags of fish came in. Leading after day one was 15 pounds, in second was 14 pounds and then a couple of 10-pound bags.

Sunday Rick and I were on my starting place as the tournament got underway. My first drop had a big something hit my Cotton Cordell Spoon. I never got whatever it was close to the top before it came off. Rick got our first keeper on a Bomber Foxey Shad Crankbait.

Then we began wading through the silver fish. They were active to say the least. We went a long time with no bass. I moved to some boat stalls that had produced fish for me earlier in the week but nothing was interested. Around 10 a.m. I got antsy for new water. As we were leaving, I said I had one other place I wanted to try.

Rick and I both picked up Cotton Cordell 3/4 oz jigging Spoons. Rick made his first drop and on the second lift he set the hook. I netted his four-pounder, a few drops later I hooked up with a three-pounder, Rick got another one that was two-plus pounds and I got his twin. That gave us four fish in about 10 minutes.

Then the stripers moved in. A limit in the live well relaxes you and then you go looking for bigger fish to cull with. It was slow for most of the rest of the day before Rick caught another that barely culled his first fish.

Time came for the weigh-in at Highport. We trailered over. When the tournament ended the big yeti, Mike Corzine and his partner had 15-plus pounds, second was Shane Allison and Dave Youngblood also had 15 pounds but were just shy of Mike, third place was Jerry Tonubbee and Ed Larkin with 14 pounds and the big bass at 6.44 pounds. Fourth was J.B. Webb and Rick White with 12 pounds and fifth was Paul Cleveland and Garry Wells with 10 pounds.

We had been struggling all morning for bass until we pulled up on that one spot and quickly filled our limit. Catching fish is easy, but finding them can be a little tougher. I’ve said this before and it was proved again Sunday, when you find fish in a bunch like we did they will all be close to the same size. Why, I have no idea, but over the years I have found this true.

With fishing out of the way I almost had more excitement than I needed here at the house. I have an electric leaf grinder. We make our own mulch from all the leaves from our trees. We mulch our flowerbeds before every winter. I also grind up enough to use when we start planting and moving things in the spring.

Back to the excitement: I must have thrown a piece of steel or flint in with the leaves. The sparks somehow made it out of the grinder into the finished product and started smoking. I just happened to smell leaves burning. I quickly saved the day by stomping it out. I finished off that day picking up pecans from my trees, which are loaded this year.

Wednesday saw me getting in four more hours of fishing before the rain and cooler weather arrives, and I caught two we could have used in the tournament plus a small one and four silver fish.

I plan on building a fire, mixing up a pot of beef stew, big pan of cornbread and relaxing with some Moose and Crown until the urge to go fishing hits me again.

Check your boat and motor for water in them if they are outside. A freeze can cause some damage to either.