Texoma is at 608 feet now and still falling. This Saturday the Bud Lite Trail fishing tournament has been moved from the Dam Site Ramp to Highport because of low water conditions.

Texoma is at 608 feet now and still falling. This Saturday the Bud Lite Trail fishing tournament has been moved from the Dam Site Ramp to Highport because of low water conditions.

While the dropping lake is causing many problems with places to launch and boathouses and docks and some boats sitting high and dry, it could be worse.

I was digging into some history about the lake and found out the generator chamber was designed for five generators; we have two now. Everything is there for them to install three more if the government likes.

Now why I bring this up is I saw in a news release sometime back where President Obama, in stressing his drive for green power, was considering ramping up all hydro-electric dams to generate more clean electricity. Hopefully it will never happen but the possibility is there.

Can you imagine what Texoma would look like if this ever came to pass?

Getting a boat in the water now might require a little more looking than before some Corps of Engineer ramps are closed. I’m pretty sure that at least one of the ramps in Eisenhower State Park is closed, and maybe both of them.

Highport is open and Little Mineral also. There are some leased ramps that are open but I don’t know which ones so you might need to ask around before you leave for the lake. I have put up a "launch at your own risk" sign at the Preston Shores ramp. We have about six feet of ramp with a little less than three feet of water left.

Backing up too far might result in you dropping off the end of the ramp. Getting out can present a problem if you leave your trailer axle behind as you pull your trailer out.

If you are a crappie fisherman now is the time and there a few ramps still open you can launch from. Dress warm and just ride around the lake, going in marinas, coves and creeks.

It’s time to find those brush piles, stumps or other structures that will hold those spring crappie you might have not known about and get them marked before spring gets here.

I don’t believe the lake is coming up this spring but if it does you have a head start and I know of at least two crappie tournaments on Texoma this year.

I’m not looking for the lake to come up much but hey, I’m an old mule. Susan gets a little testy with me but I was raised to look on the downside and prepare for it. I learned from my grandparents and dad what to do and how to prepare for the worst. If it doesn’t happen I’m ready either way.

I regret I don’t have a smokehouse like we had when I was growing up and haven’t killed a pig, sugar-cured it, rendered lard and had cracklings to eat and put in cornbread since more years ago than I want to remember. It got us through the winter and in spring as it got warmer the uneaten meat, if there was any, sweated and a green mold grew on it.

Mother would just slice the mold off and we kept on eating. Daddy would still be serving time if we had the health and safety control back then we have today.

Now I put this in just for my readers who remember making it through the winter without a grocery store just down the road. For most readers this will be a "what is he talking about" article but for those of us who lived and grew up this way it might jar a memory or two loose.

Our cove has some funky looking water in it, off-colored. The main lake and deep coves are clear. Bass fishing is slow and if you want to catch one slow is the retrieve you want to use. Like I said above, the Bud Light Trail is this Saturday out of Highport with the weigh-in there also. I’m going to be down there just to see what’s caught.

Chris McCall, a former Texoma area fisherman who moved to East Texas, won the FLW Series opener on Lake Sam Rayburn last week. Chris had 33.15 pounds. He picked up a Ranger Boat, a hefty check and contingency money and Ranger Cup bonus. Big bass on the pro side was a 9.4-pounder.

The co-angler side had several local fishermen in it. Winning was Keith Honeycutt with 23.2 pounds and his winning weight came on swim baits, Carolina Rig and Red Rattle Traps. In second was Kevin Gressette of Tioga with 22.4 pounds who fished grass with traps, ripping it out as it hung up. Fifth place went to Dan Wilson of Pilot Point with 13 pounds. He also used Rattle Traps in grass. Big bass on the co-angler side was a monster bass going 10.13 pounds.

I have the gear to fish in this weather but right now picking up pecans is pulling harder than fishing. I might try to go Thursday. It just depends on what I feel like. Stay warm.