While cold mornings and cold days, if the wind is blowing, are moderating, there is enough cold left to get your attention in the morning.

While cold mornings and cold days, if the wind is blowing, are moderating, there is enough cold left to get your attention in the morning.

For fishermen, hope springs eternal starting now that this will be the year of the big one. I think the shad kill only lightly touched us and they were mostly threadfins. Gizzards seem to come through okay. In deeper water now, bait is solid in some places on peoples’ electronics.

For striper chasers, now is the time to get on wind-blown points and banks and toss swim baits or A-rigs or Big Chugging top waters like a Rebel Pop R or a Heddon Zara Spook. I’m hearing that the big fish are shallow in 1-12 feet deep water. Early morning or late afternoon seems to be the best times. Bass have started to move up some too.

They are also biting multi arm baits like the YUM Brella Rigs with four-inch Swim Baits. I sure like those Jeff Foreman is pouring. The tail is different from most and has more moves than a hula dancer with her grass skirt on fire. He is trying to get them into some stores around the lake but you can get them from him at home. Call to make sure he is there (903-815-6887).

I think you will like them as well as I do. Jeff said anyone wanting to get in the lure making business can count on losing some fishing time.

Back to the bass. Texoma Bass Club visited Lake Bonham last weekend. The club had another one of those not-so-good tournaments like we have been having. It was feast or famine.

Don Oxford and Curtis Crites of Denison had 17.55 pounds and big bass going 6.15 and 5.66 pounds. I don’t think the rest of the club put together had more weight.

Second place had two fish that didn’t weigh as much as Don’s big bass. Lake Fork is the number one stop for most anglers wanting that fish of a lifetime and the time to try for it is now. A lot of the other big bass factories are plagued by low-water conditions.

I had some friends fish forgotten Monticello in East Texas. Two friends who went down there and stayed four days caught lots of three-to-seven-pound bass with three over eight pounds. They had pictures on their cell phone. They said they are running one unit and the water while not hot is warm and added that the Lake wasn’t that crowded.

While Texoma has given up some big bass so far this year, it just doesn’t produce as many big fish on average as the East Texas Lakes. Cabella’s Texas Tournament Trail is coming up next month on Texoma. I’ll have more on it later.

I’m hearing stories of and have seen one picture of a big smallmouth that are being caught. They tend to spawn a little before the largemouth do.

If the warming trend continues there should be some jaw dropping sacks come to the scales in the TTT.

The other springtime fish that more people than you would think and is probably, if truth be known, more popular than bass, because they can be caught off the bank or out of a boat or kayak and you don’t need any expensive rods or reels to catch them.

Crappie is about the best-eating fish you will ever lap your jaws around. Maybe milk-soaked, filleted bream rolled in cracker crumbs or corn meal is as good or in my opinion better than them but I won’t turn up my nose at a plate of either.

Texoma is an excellent crappie lake and this year should be great for bank fishermen. With the lake low you can get out to the creeks and brush that was too deep to reach last year.

According to the Texoma Fisheries Station, there are two species of crappie in Texoma — white and black. Generally, the white is bigger but a local fisherman fishing with his son caught a new pending record Lake Texoma black crappie.