Well that person who popped off on Facebook about it not affecting fishermen can eat a minnow. The next day he and we all learned, corp lakes are closed to tournaments. Government parks are closed everywhere. My friend said Moab in Utah, where they have a house and once a year they go up to ride ATVs in the mountains, is also shut down.

Close to home, Texoma and all corp lakes are closed to tournaments that have more than 50 people — counting fishermen and spectators. Texas Team Trial on Toledo Bend has been cancelled and has not set a new date. Bobby Platt’s 15th Annual Big Mineral Crappie Tournament has been cancelled and if you had prepaid your entry fee, contact him as he is refunding your money.

Also on Texoma, Joe Copeland’s Future Bass Tournament was told they could not have their tournament this Saturday. He has had to move it to July 25. If you are fishing any other trail like JC on Texoma, you best check.

Monday, I decided to go fishing. The weather outlook for the rest of the week looked bad. I called Charlie and he said he would stay home. Going to our ramp there were only two guide trucks there. The water was dirty but not that bad. It was misting, foggy and cold as I left our cove.

I was glad I have all my trails I fish marked on my graph. I headed out and about midway across the lake the shoreline disappeared. I just kept going and drove right in to the cove I was headed for. I’m a stubborn old mule on a lot of things but I like these new electronics even though they are smarter than me.

I went midway back, put my boat parallel to the shore line and started casting a Bomber 6A Square bill in Red. After all the bad days I had been having, I wasn’t as sharp as I should have been and the big smallmouth I caught pretty much set the hook himself. It was a lot of fun getting him in the boat.

I’m stuck in the four-pound fish range now. Since my other trips had been one fish or no shows, I weighed this one at 4.2 pounds. I fished out to the mouth of the cove with no more fish. I moved about an 1/8 of a mile to a long rock bank. I chunked and chunked and was beginning to think it was going to be a one-fish day.

Then in about a 50-yard stretch I caught two more solid smallmouth. After I passed the point and fished with nothing to show for my efforts, I turned around and went back over the point. I got another smallmouth and had him up to the boat when he made a strong run under the boat, broke my line and took my good Crankbait home with him.

My friend Tommy Hudson always told me to put two of the same lures in my tackle box. After going through my Crankbait collection, I found one close to the same colors. I fished it awhile but didn’t get a bite so I moved about a 1/8 mile to another spot I like. Wanting to be different, I picked up my rod with a ball jig Head and a YUM Sinful Shad 4’’ Pulse swim bait, it never made it to the boat when a freight train hit it.

I knew it was a big fish and pictures of smallmouth danced in my head. Wrestling it to the top I had an eight-pound or bigger striper. I got it in the boat and released it. I fished there for a while longer and never got another bite. I went back to my fish point and after my umpteenth pass, I got another hit and put a chunky smallmouth in the boat.

I fished for another 30 minutes before I caught another keeper smallmouth. It was almost 1 p.m. and I was hungry so I went in. Counting the one that got away I had five smallmouth and a striper. Not a bad day at all. I relearned that you should carry two of whatever lures you have in your box. and only leave biting fish to give them a rest.

If you catch a fish, make several runs back and forth across the place you caught them before moving on. While I caught a fish on that close matching lure it wasn’t as good as the Bomber the fish got away with. I tried several different lures that morning and the only ones that worked were a Bomber Red 6A Square Bill and a Blue, Chartreuse Bomber 6A that I had added a fire tiger pattern to.

I had some of the fancy new Crank baits in my box but the old School Bomber 6A was what they wanted. Who can figure fish? That’s the reason I like to fish so much. I learn something almost every time I go out.