This week’s article is more of a what to use and how to use it as spring fishing is starting to crank up. On March 21 Bobby Platt and Big Mineral Fishing Camp are hosting Bobby’s 15th annual Crappie Tournament.

It’s a great event for fun, bragging rights and some money. No griping is allowed.

Crappie are beginning to show up in Little Mineral but not steady enough to say fishing for them is good. Now this is hearsay but the people who told me are reliable. They said crappie and bait are up past the Willis Bridge and crappie fishing is a lot better.

I hear the same story from friends who are fishing north of the Frisco Railroad Bridge. Lots of bait in both places and the water is warmer. I’m finding 58-degree water now and these warm days just might get the fish to move a little shallower. I can’t speak for other people with boathouses but the one I fish is still barren crappie-wise.

Bass fishing has been tough lately. My trips and several friends who have been fishing mid-lake like me are casting a lot for a catch. Wednesday, I hit the water early.

I guess the water is getting warm enough to pull my deep-water fish out of their house as every spot I tried was dead. I moved around going here and there. Off a sand drop I caught the only fish that bit my lure. Not bragging but my Suspending Smithwick Jerk Bait was bigger than the fish. To add insult to the bad day, the fish was the wrong color. Oh well I can fall back on my old saying that a day on the lake is better than about anything else.

Fishing is like a light switch — it can turn on in a hurry, so get out and keep trying.

Quick note on Texoma’s stripers. As far as I know TP&W did a gill net survey of Texoma but I haven’t seen or heard the results. I do know now a lot of the guides are going to live bait. Many are still throwing Plastics like 4 inch YUM Mud Minnows and Yum Pluses. They are fishing them on big weights or YUMbrella A rigs.

If you like fishing A Rigs, give the YUMbrella Flash Mob a try, you get a lot more flash and it makes the lure look like a bigger school of bait. YUMbrella’s come in several different versions so check them out.

Fish them on deeper water humps and closer to up river spots as it’s time for the stripers to start moving up the rivers to spawn. With our constant rain it bodes for a good spawn as the striper need moving water to hatch their eggs.

Sand bass are getting ready to also spawn or they might have started. The lake is down but for bank fishermen that’s good as it’s easier to get to fishable water. there should be a few places in Hagerman Refuge for bank anglers that will have both crappie and sand bass. Overall people fishing this spring should look forward to a good spring.

With the onset of crappie season I have to brag on Blakemore Road Runner. They have come out with a slew of new crappie jigs and plastics. For years all of us who fish with Blakemore Road Runners have had one complaint.

While it catches crappie and anything that swims, it also got anything else around — fish or not. This spring they have come out with a Weedless Road Runner and a lot of new colors. It’s going to make fishing brush a lot easier. They have also come out with a tackle box-size bottle of Blakemore Reel Magic.

I use it all the time as it gives me longer casts, speeds up my reel and can shine your rod up when the day is over and almost make it look new. You can check out these new Goodies at ( )

If you haven’t visited with the onset of spring bass fishing coming up, Pradco fishing has added a lot of new products for 2020. They have a complete line of Ned Dingers and Ned Baits. A Chatterbait now and into later spring is a very good easy to use lure. The ones on the market up until now were not real Weedless.

Check out the new Booyah Melee, it is a lot more weedless as the blade covers the front of the bait on the retrieve. There are a lot of new products in the YUM Money Minnow line to check out. All so they also have a bargain page for lures. All this can be found at Good fishing.