I watch the weather forecast every night. I like to fish in cold weather but I just don’t want 25 mile an hour winds. My boat and I can handle 20 mph okay but add another five and I’ll likely call it a day or go looking for somewhere out of the wind.

I also watch the weather experts to see what kind of day we are supposed to have, which they miss as much as they get right. My friend Charlie just got him a weather station for his house. It wasn’t cheap. It doesn’t work much better or as good as mine.

It’s simple for this old mule to read. Take three sticks and tie at top to make a tripod. Tie a rock to a rope and hang from tripod. Reading it is easy — if the rock is wet it’s raining; if the rock is moving it’s windy; if the rock is warm it’s hot and if the rock has frost and snow on it it’s cold.

I don’t need to know what they are guessing is going to happen three or five days down the road. Every morning I look and know what’s happening without turning on a TV.

Monday Charlie and I went fishing. It was cloudy and a light wind blowing — a good day to fish. Well we fished hard and didn’t catch anything.

Tuesday it was a bluebird day. I don’t like them but I had to catch a fish. I launched and run to my starting spot, after 30 minutes of fishing without a bite I made a run to my second favorite spot. This time my first cast got a hit, I was perked up. I kept on fishing and didn’t get another bite.

As I was leaving, I slowed and fished a long, shallow, rocky point with wind blowing in on it. My friend Johnny Unerfusser had convinced me I should try a Jerkbait in spots like that. He had caught three fish in one spot on one last Saturday. It’s not a favorite bait of mine in cold water and I wasn’t expecting to catch anything.

I made a long cast with a Pradco Fishing Excalibur suspending jerkbait that landed in about a foot of water. I started working it back when I felt something heavy. Jerks are free and this jerk took off and came sailing out of the water. It was a big smallmouth after a good fight I got it to the boat, lipped it and was looking at a big, solid, heavy fish. I put it in the live well and went looking for someone to take a picture of me holding it. I went into a marina and there was not a soul around. Another little marina was also shy of life.

The fish was building up travel points when I went into another one my son-in-law works out of. He had just gotten there and did the picture taking and mailed it to me. It weighed four-pounds on my scales. That size fish can make a slow day great. I went to the house. The best-looking day was a blank for Charlie and me, the bluebird day I didn’t like gave me a fish.

This may be old news to some but if you haven’t heard, the Texas Team Tournament Trail on Lake Sam Rayburn was won by Brian Shook and Danny Iles with five fish going 49.31 pounds. They got six bites and put them all in the boat. Their five best fish weighed 12, 11, 10, nine and seven pounds. You can get all the results and story by going to their website.

This Saturday will see the third 180-200 boat field for a Texas High School bass tournament on Texoma. It will be the Metro Division; Dallas and surrounding cities high school fishing teams look like to have a pleasant day for a change. It will also be going out of Highport with the weigh-in starting around 3 p.m.