Where was the info and results of the trout stockings at Denison’s Waterloo Lake and Sherman’s Pebble Brook Pond? I didn’t hear or see anything on them. Living out here at the lake and being not far from the Texas Fishery Station and occasionally watching KXII I should be getting something.

Sherman has one stocking of 1,570 trout set for Pebble Brook Pond on March 1. Denison has 6,255 trout set for four stockings at Waterloo Pond. The first three are already gone. Looking at the TP&W stocking schedule, there is one more set for February, on the 23rd. Hope this helps you people who look forward to catching them.

If you are new to the stocking program and haven’t fished a stocking pond, you can find out who needs a license and other rules by going to the TP&W homepage. I’m not sure about if you must have a trout tag if fishing in those city lakes. I had to go to TP&W home page to get the days and numbers of trout to be stocked.

Well this week has been a bummer for me, catching up on Honey-Dos caused by too much fishing. I love oak trees for the shade but they put out more little acorns than you can believe and most of them find a gutter to get in. Then someone (me) has to get them out.

Along with them and an uncountable number of pecans on my carport roof to be swept off to go with the weather we are having, it’s been a miserable time. Tuesday was a wonderful day to go fishing but I listened to our weather guessers and they said rain and high wind. Well we finally got a little rain late Tuesday evening and the wind was manageable and I could have fished most of the day.

The only report I can give you on black bass is it’s tough right now. Crappie are hit and miss in brush. Stripers and catfish are still active.

With that said I went looking for some of my growing up events to share. I’ll start with my Golden Gloves story. Unless you went to school at Gunter back in the late ‘50s you might not know we had a Golden Gloves team. I think Jack Harris, our principal, coach, and teacher, and who had been in the military, was also the provider and king of getting excess military items for our school like the metal trays and army spoons we ate off of plus big cans of food — some without labels — that our cooks always turned into something good.

Back then we were just glad to have a lunch room and food. Our cooks always made the best hot rolls you ever put your lips around for us at every meal.

Back to my Golden Gloves. I had seen some boxing in movies and saw them dancing around while jabbing. I had a friend, Jerry Umphress, who was about my size but had arms like an orangutan; they were long. Jack matched us up. I come out dancing around and ducking; I was good.

Well Jerry came at me in a straight line both arms going like windmills and I forgot dancing and went to running. Sportwise I changed to track and pole vaulting. I had a cousin who weighed a 100 pounds boxing too. They didn’t have a category for him as flyweight was as low as they could go.

He went to the matches with some other Gunter boxers. There was no one for him to fight so they classed him as a paper weight and gave him the trophy. He lives in Houston and still has it. We did have two fighters who almost made it to the title round. R.C. Miller was our best and he fought as a middle weight. Little known Gunter School history.

A washout at boxing, I got into the Gunter Grade School Rhythm Band. We looked like a herd of organ grinder monkeys with our satin suits and those little hats like they put on the little monkeys.

If you weren’t musically inclined, they gave you a triangle or what looked like a hollowed-out piece of wood with a handle and a stick to hit it with. I got a triangle. We could also have played the little boy in the Phillip Morris cigarette add; he wore the same kind of hat as we did.

A Classmate of mine found a picture of our Gunter eight-man football team in 1958. I weighed a whopping 125 pounds and was a lineman. I am proud to say that from then to now I’ve only gained 10 pounds and I can eat anything I like. We only had three players over 150 pounds Those were the good old days.

Hope to be on the lake several times before my next article.