We all have had them at one time or another. I just seem to have a few more than most.

Mine started Monday. Wanting to give my new trolling motor a workout and as conditions weren’t that bad, Susan went to exercise and I went fishing. Launching and heading out it wasn’t too bad. There were bigger waves than it had been before I launched.

I still had no problem running but with the wind picking up I decided not to run to my best spots. I fished three of my backups. Might as well have stayed home; I couldn’t even catch a beer can. Finally givingup as the wind continued to blow harder, I went back and loaded up, making sure my doors were closed so there were no more cat surprises.

It was a tie fishing game or maybe they won I zeroed.

Back at the house I had already picked up 10 gallons of pecans and decided I would get another five of bigger pecans. Off to the pecan buyer. He took the big pecans but said the others were barely long enough to buy but he didn’t want them. I dumped 10 gallons of pecans out in an open area with squirrels probably watching from the trees.

If they eat all those I dumped, I will have some five-pound squirrels. Went back got my bucket and picked up another 12 gallons of the bigger pecans crawling around on my knees; when they got tired, I sat down and scooted along. Off to town again Tuesday and sold some more.

Here is another true story from the tremendous mind I have. On that Monday trip I couldn’t find my butt seat and pole. Now I thought I had taken it off the front deck while we were putting the trolling motor on and may have left it at Garry’s Boat Repair. Called and he said he didn’t have it.

I looked high and low for it at my house. After several more searches, I went and told Susan that I guess it was stolen. After an educational discussion in which I got the worst end of it, I started looking for another replacement seat and pedestal. The replacement I needed was over $100. I decided I didn’t need one that bad.

Wednesday, I went out to the boat shed to put in a light to keep my batteries and boat plumbing from possibly freezing with the forecast we had. I started to climb in the boat and there was my seat and pole in the back pedestal. I had spent two days looking everywhere except in the back of the boat.

I had focused on places I put stuff when I take it out of the boat, and never looked at the back as the butt seat goes in the front.

You sometimes don’t have to travel far to catch fish. Ginger and I were on our morning ride to the boat ramp Wednesday. It’s her favorite place to leave something I have to pick up. When I went through the gate, gulls, water turkeys, pelicans and loons were working big time.

I keep a rod and reel in the golf cart when I go down there. After doing what I had to for Ginger, she and I walked down to the ramp. I made a long cast with a 3/4 oz jig with a Sinful Shad 3.5 inch YUM Pulse. I got a striper. A few casts later I caught another, and letting it go also after a few more casts I got another.

Then they seemed to have left. I continued to throw until my arm got tired. Reeling in fast, something hit my YUM Pulse and took off for bluer pastures with it. My drag was working but I put my thumb on the spool to add a little pressure my line went slack. Reeling it in the light wire hook I use had been almost straightened out.

Now I like fishing with light wire hooks — they penetrate easier than bigger ones.

The fireplace is going, the coffee is hot and now am enjoying a day of almost doing nothing. Life at the lake is nice.