Winter brings to mind people setting around a fireplace or in a central heated room. I’m a big fan of this but after the last few days of weather we have had, I got a case of cabin fever.

I also had a new trolling motor on my boat that hadn’t been in the water since I got it. That, along with the weather guessers getting it wrong again, saw me putting in at our ramp Wednesday. I was the only boater there so I got a prime parking spot after launching.

The famous cat that I give my truck to was under foot. Making sure I had my door shut, I petted him and he purred. I’m not a cat person but this is the best cat I have ever seen. I even sorta like him and that’s saying a lot. He followed me everywhere I went as I got my boat ready to launch. I then had to watch for him as I backed down the ramp.

After I launched and pulled up at the dock here, he came running down to me. He was going to get in my boat but I drew the line there. I got out and he escorted me back to my truck meowing all the way. When I left the dock, he was setting on it watching me.

He is there for the taking if someone with a good home who likes cats wants him. All you have to do is stop and wait he will show up. He seemed like he was very hungry but I didn’t have anything to give him.

After putting my new trolling motor in the water, I had to adjust the depth I wanted the prop. I ran it around some and it is easy to raise and lower; I almost fell down as it came up so easy. With that done I left our cove for winter pastures. The lake was almost calm with ripples. I was dressed for it and just enjoyed the quiet look around — did I mention for some reason I was the only boat in Little Mineral?

As I was running, I saw what looked like a snowbank in a cove. Getting closer I saw what must have been a 100 or more white pelicans rafted up. Not long after there was an eagle sitting in a tree. Loons and water turkeys and gulls were mixing it up in a good fight out in the lake.

At my first stop I fished for 30 minutes with nary a bite. I moved to another spot not far off. I was throwing a Blakemore Road Runner my favorite Winter bait with a Modified YUM 3.5-inch Pulse on it. This setup will catch anything. After several casts nothing happened but as I moved it slowly again, I felt a tick and set the hook. It came up and felt like a good fish.

Having eight-pound line I didn’t put a lot of pressure on it. It would move off, then as I eased forward it came back the other way. Now I was sure I didn’t have a bass; I figured it was a big catfish. I kept slowly working it to the top as it moved back and forth. It came in sight and I had an old rusted beer can full of sand.

Making a run to another spot, the wind had started picking up a little. Easing into another spot and making a long cast I got a hit, set the hook and put the trolling motor on to keep up with it. Whatever it was broke my line and Wiley Fish, unlike the Coyote, finally took a Road Runner home.

A Texoma Team won a national catfish championship on Texoma hosted by the Choctaw Nation Casino Event Center with 158 pounds of catfish, beating some of the best team cat fishermen from all over the country and took home a handsome sum of money. Striper Guide Booger Holmes, his son and Tim Cline were Team Champions. I broke a cardinal rule of mine for winter fishing and went by myself. Not a good idea.

Last thought: I went to the Corps of Engineers meeting Wednesday night at Pottsboro High School with two friends. It looked like somebody had kicked an ant hill. People were standing in lines, walking around and just visiting while waiting to speak to the Rangers. Most of them, as well as I and my friends, were thinking it would be a meeting with a big screen and a PA system. It wasn’t and I’m sure a lot of people gave up but there were a lot still there when we left.