I write about all of the dumb things that happen to me. I hope my readers like reading what happens to me and get a laugh or grin out of them. Trouble seems to follow me around and things happen.

Last week saw me helping some dads and teenagers who are fishing a Metro Division High School Tournament in late February on Texoma. Both dads and their children said Texoma in winter left them out in the cold about where, what and how to catch winter Texoma fish.

I’m a pretty good cold weather fisherman. When I was in the old Texoma Bass Club I pretty much owned January and February. I have the plaques to show it. One of my friends from back then and still today, Dale Anderson, at one of our club meetings in one of those months stood up and said you know we are all fishing for second and pointed at me. Everyone laughed and I did win.

The dads had called my son-in-law John Blasingame, Striper Guide and head of Adventure Texoma Outdoors, to see if he could show them how to catch winter bass. He sent them to me. When one of the dads called and while we talked, he said John had recommended me. He also said the last time they were up here they didn’t catch any fish.

Then as we talked, he said they had talked to a boathouse owner and he told them there was an old man in the winter he watched catch big smallmouth bass not far from his slip; well that old man is me. I don’t mind be called old, I’m still out there when a lot of those younger than me are home in front of a fireplace.

Those two boats wanted me to show them how I caught fish, what lures I used and what kind of structure I was fishing. I hope I did a good job of teaching.

They, like almost everyone who fishes with me, make the mistake of using too big a line and stiff rods with too big lures and not having the patience to fish slow. Winter bass can be caught in cold water.

I showed them some of my deep-water spots and I caught two big bass, lost another and the dad caught a smaller one. I feel like I did teach them something. I also said February was a long way off and fishing might be completely different by then.

We fished till 2 p.m. and they carried me back to our dock. I just rode around with them in his boat. I also got a first: I had never ridden in a Gambler Boat before — they are fast and ride smooth.

Thursday, I went out with the father of another high school fisherman. We went to some different places but all of them were my winter cold spots. Once again, I was a teacher as I helped him get a feel for my kind of fishing. I hope he remembers how slow he needs to fish, how deep, changes his line, eases off on their drags and tells his son.

Most of the time I use the 1/4 oz. Blakemore Road Runners. I sent one Road Runner home with each of them. They assured they would have some when they come back. You can fish about any plastic bait on them. Good as Blakemore Road-Runners are by themselves, I make mine better by using 3.5 inch YUM Pulse Swimbaits.

I modify to match the Road Runners and keep a bottle of YUM Shad scent attractant handy. Road Runners are made to be fished slow and fit right into my pattern.

Will this help them? I hope so. I tried to teach so that his son will grow up fishing and maybe go to college and fish on one of their teams.

My yacht finally outlived its trolling motor. That’s the reason I was in those other boats. I’m doubly blessed because I live on the lake and have a super good boat repair shop two blocks from the house. Garry’s Boat and Marine Shop is a good place to take your boat if you have any problems. He found me a trolling motor and we put it on Thursday. Have a boat problem? give Gary a call.

Our weather forecasters say the lake temp is still 50 degrees, anyone know exactly where they are getting their readings? I’m in the mid-to-high 40 range on my Elite 7. The fish I’m catching are cold. I’m still waiting for the water to get in the low 40s.

Not much else going on this week locally. I have heard there is a big catfish tournament going to be held on Texoma in February. It is going out of the Choctaw Event center with weigh-in there also. I’ll see what I can dig up on it and let you know.

Be careful if you are out on the water now. Keep your phone, a change of dry warm clothes and towels in a waterproof place. Fire starters and a lighter a bottle of water and a small metal pan in your boat. If you do get wet and can get to shore in your boat, having these in your boat can let you quickly build a fire if you need it, heat the water to drink while getting into those dry clothes.

Don’t fish alone. Hypothermia can get you quickly now. This is also the time to wear a life jacket. Wearing heavy winter clothes to keep warm can also soak and pull you down without one. Drink plenty of liquids during the winter just like in summer, in winter you can also become dehydrated. Be careful and stay dry.