Memorial event for a good friend, fisherman and old Texoma Bass Club member Homer McAlester will be held at the Denison Knights of Columbus building on old Hwy. 75 on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is a come, remember and go event.

Homer was — well — Homer. If you were a fisherman or hunter in Texomaland you probably knew who he was. He and I probably had the record in the Old Texoma Bass Club for getting the famous Texoma Blue Fish award. He was one of the few who could keep up with me on winning it. Maybe you might have a story to tell on Homer. I have several I’m going to share on Saturday.

Monday morning Charlie and I decided to be like retired people and got a late start. I launched and was tied up at our dock when he got there. We got him and his tackle in my boat. It was a beautiful day; a little nippy running and the lake was like a mirror. We started fishing, we fished to about 1 p.m. then called it quits. We never had a bite, much less a fish. It was hard to find bait and there were hardly any gulls sitting on the marina tires. We fished shallow, deep and in between to no avail.

Back at the ramp we loaded up and pulled my boat out. There were two men who were also retired sitting in chairs with four catfish rods out. We got out and asked if they had caught anything. One who had recently retired said he didn’t believe there were any fish in the Lake. Charlie and I agreed.

Now a while back someone dropped off two cats at our ramp. The guides and others who live out here, (not me) had been feeding them and become their guardian angels. Nobody bothered them if you didn’t want to get yelled at. I left my pickup door open while we talked, then finally Charlie and I left. I locked up my truck after getting the boat in the shed. Tuesday, I went out while it was just getting light to hook up and go fishing again.

I unlocked the door; inside the truck it was still dark. I plopped down in my driver seat and the world’s biggest rat jumped off the floor right by me and sailed over the passenger seat. I can move fast when I have to and I was out of the truck and only my wood pile stopped me from leaving the area. I’m normally a slow mover but whatever that thing was he had a truck whether he wanted it or not. I mean it scared the Woo Hoo out of me.

I got a club and my flashlight and began looking around. That’s when I figured out my rat was a cat. One of those down at the ramp had gotten in my truck and hid out when I locked it. He had been in there long enough to make it smell like a litter box. Fortunately I had two towels in the back seat and it had used them. I searched high and low but couldn’t find the cat.

Getting in my truck again my heart was still pumping like bailing out a sinking boat. I started backing up when I heard a meow. I looked the cab over and didn’t see anything. I started backing again and meow. This time I looked under the hood, wheel wells and nothing. Once more I got a meow.

Now I had built a raised floor for Ginger so she could lay her head on the center console and see where we were going and Susan and I can pet her. It’s about five inches off the truck floor. I peeked under it and found my rat. I got a poker and opened the door on the other side so it could get out. That cat flew out the other side like his tail was on fire and ran in my garage and disappeared into a jumble pile I call the black hole; things go in and are never seen again.

I got rid of the towels and left the windows down to air out and went fishing. Two days of fishing and still hadn’t had a bite. Back at the house after I got my boat put up, I headed for the Rusty Moose Saloon and that dang cat was being petted by Susan and Ginger was next to her. Needless to say, the cat is back down at the ramp and my advice is close your doors if talking.

It’s Wednesday and no fishing for the rest of the week as I’m picking up pecans.

Bait is the key to fishing now. Find it and now it seems to be in open deep water using YUMbrella A rigs or others and Big Slabs, Sassy Shads as well as live bait are all working for the guides. It takes some looking but once you find the fish you can load the boat.

Crazy Texas weather says we might have snow Saturday. I think I’ll just stay home around the fire. Be careful and keep your truck doors closed. Fortunately I have the strong heart of a mule but it still got up past the red line speedwise when that cat jumped out of the dark.