Texoma is almost like a ghost town now.

The holidays, cold and wind are keeping a lot of boats off the water, myself included. The gulls that were working our cove for the last week have moved out. The buzzards have never left. I’m not complaining about them because they are eating big dead fish washed up on the bank. It saves me from having to get them back out in the water.

It’s not that the fish aren’t biting. My son-in-law John Blasingame of Adventure Texoma Outdoors is having awesome trips fishing in deep water for stripers despite having high winds. He is limiting out on slabs and YUM Brellas out in the open deep water.

I’m sure some other guides are working but those in our cove have been no shows lately.

I have had a bumper crop of pecans this year and have been picking those on the ground up. I could see a whole lot more that hadn’t fallen yet. Putting the mighty noggin to work, I came up with the idea of throwing a three-foot piece of all thread rod up in the trees.

It worked until the rod got hung up on branches. Then I was crawling around picking pecans up but it was slow going because I was looking up a lot knowing at any time if the rod fell out, I was a kebab if it came loose and speared me. I knew that wasn’t the best way to knock pecans out of the trees.

I then proceeded to get me a long rope and about a half-pound piece of iron. Tied it on one end of the rope, swung it around like a calf roper, let it fly over some branches and give it enough slack for it to come back down so I could reach it. Then grabbing both ends I started jerking on the rope, pecans were a falling along with small branches.

I wasn’t looking up when a fair-sized limb hit me in the top of the head, compressed my neck and brought blood and a knot but didn’t slow down the shaking. Filling up all of the bags and buckets I had, I went and sold them. The ground is covered again in pecans because of the wind and cold. I’ll be using the rope but might put on a motorcycle helmet I just happen to have one hung in the garage.

My late rising Wednesday morning had Ginger in a snit. I got a cup of coffee and put on my warmies, broke out the golf cart, loaded her majesty and headed out. At the ramp I let her out and she began sniffing everything down there before finding the right place to make a deposit, then she turned around and looked at me and I could just hear her saying to pick it up. I did; I’m a good slave.

After Ginger chased two cats someone unloaded down there, we got back to the cart. Then getting my rod and reel we went down to the boathouse before we went home where Susan had breakfast waiting. I had no part in the cat chasing.

I went down the walkway and made a long cast. I thought I had a bite but wasn’t sure. Another cast got a bite, it came off, it hit again and missed but the third time I got him. I heaved a nice Kentucky over the rail; a few casts later I caught a carbon copy of my first. That was it. I started the New Year with a fish and I hope I end it the same way.

After a mild New Year’s at our house with Ginger and a few friends and the fireplace — no party just played games and toasted in the New Year. Calmest party I have gone to in a long time. Pigged out on snacks and sweets. I’m not the party animal I was once. I didn’t wake up till 8 a.m. Wednesday.

I had made a New Year’s Resolution I was going to bring order to my boat shop. I could never remember where I put what I wanted when I wanted it. I’ve been taking brain pills and they are making me smarter I remember who I am when I look in the mirror.

Back to the shop, where I run into a lot of bargains on filing cabinets. I bought eight, came home and opened Pandora’s Box. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday sorting, labeling and putting things in order. Now I can find what I want by looking at the labels instead of dumpster diving or talking to myself.