You know when we graduated from school back in the 50s and 60s, 2020 was just a dream.

I, and maybe some others, have thought by now we would be flying instead of driving, going to other planets and having robots wait on us. This past year going to some of those Gunter playoff games was at times scary. It was then I would have been wanting to fly instead of drive.

I don’t like traffic and I was in downtown Dallas at 5 p.m. If you offered me a new house to live down there you can keep it. I wasn’t driving; thank you Rick. If I was driving, I would probably still be down there trying to figure out how to get out. Getting to Jerry World for the Gunter state title game was almost as bad.

In 2019, things I never expected to happen, happened. I had some friends pass away. I had Susan and friends in the hospital for surgeries. I pulled a kneestring, not a hamstring, when I jumped out of a boat with a tackle store over my shoulder.

I had a great year of bass fishing. 2019 saw some medical problems for us that finally turned out okay. All in all, it was a pretty good year. What will 2020 bring? The way it is now I’m not sure we want to know.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and got what you wanted, except the extra five pounds you picked up eating pies, cakes, candy and other food. Santa brought me the greatest present I ever got — he let me get out of bed and live another day.

If you haven’t tried out those new lures, rods and reels he brought, it’s time to try them out. We are having a mild December and being on the lake now isn’t bad. I saw my grandkids get electronic stuff and know exactly how to get the most out of them. I have to read directions before I can turn one on. Old mules don’t retrain too well.

I hope this New Year brings all of you what you wish for. We will likely stay here with a few friends and play games and eat some black-eyed peas and pop a cork at midnight if we can stay awake.

My New Year’s Resolution is to continue writing for my readers. Good, bad, or “hold my beer and watch this” will be shared with you if I survive. Happy New Year.

Christmas morning Ginger and I went down to the boat ramp to change out the envelopes. Then it was down to the boathouse to let her investigate all the different smells. After making her rounds we walked down the walk way so I could make a few casts.

I had got a package of YUM 3.5-inch Pulse Lures in Sinful Shad. The first time I used them last week I caught three bass. This time I caught one and lost one trying to swing him over the rail. This color is fast becoming one I will have tied on all time. Fish have still been shallow for me.

I want some cold weather to get the lake temp down. My deep-water fish aren’t there yet. Striper fishing, I’m hearing from the guides, is outstanding in deep water. A Rigs like the Booyah YUMbrella, big slabs, Swimbaits and live bait are all working. If you haven’t put your boat up for the winter yet, now is the time to use it.

The best and easiest way to go fishing now and be assured of catching fish is to hire one of the many guides on Texoma for a day trip. Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

I am thinking of making picking winners and losers in football a full-time job. I went 15 and 1 this year predicting. I’m thinking this may be the first time Texomaland has ever had two teams playing for the state championship.

Pottsboro can hold their heads up high. They played their hearts out. Grandview was big and fast and had been in championship games before.

One thing I would have like to see this year was for Gunter to play Pottsboro again. They were the only ones to beat us and I’d like to see another game. Gunter was awesome down the stretch and played Gunter-style football — run, run, run. They wore out the Brahmas with speed and defense. Looking forward to next year. They are doing realignments and I hope we don’t go west again. There were a lot of road trips this year.

The Little Dixie Bass Club had their December tournament on Texoma. Fifteen teams faced wet, cold windy weather to catch 39 fish. Despite the weather fishing was pretty good. First was Joe and Aley Johnson with five fish at 17.04 pounds and the big bass — a 4.92-pounder, second was Kenneth Pate and Jon Clouse with five at 15.43 pounds, third was Ed Larkins and Ellis Campbell with five going 13.95 pounds, fourth was Mark Bisson and Michael at 13.53 pounds and fifth was Hayden Burkett and Gary Eddins with 12.35 pounds.