Tuesday Charlie and I went fishing. We worked hard at it for four hours. Between us we only had three bass.

Wednesday morning Ginger and I went to the boat ramp. I had to put new envelopes in the launch box. The lake was smooth as a mirror, there was smoke on the water as the warm lake and cold air mixed it up. It was too good to not go fishing.

After getting back to the house while Susan fed the spoiled golden retriever, I hooked up the boat and headed for the ramp. I idled out then took off up lake. Just past Little Mineral gulls were working. Needing to get my line pulled I eased in among the birds.

My second cast with a white five-inch Pulse on a 3/4 oz jig head I fought a five-pound striper to my boat. I just stayed in that area and caught 3-6 pound stripers until I got tired. Leaving them still there I headed to another spot I wanted to fish. There was no bait or fish.

Making my way to another of my hot spots found only one small striper to play with. I made another move and worked my way around a boathouse.

There I saw a swirl, then saw a fish take a shad so I picked up my TFO, Temple Fork Outfitters Medium action rod with a Blakemore Road Runner 1/4 OZ jig head and a 3.5-inch Pulse white Swimbait. I cast into the still moving water and as I let it fall, I got hammered by a two-pound bass.

There were other swirls and bass hitting the top of the water after the speedy Shad. My TFO rod and the Blakemore Road Runner jig accounted for three more. These Bass were all about 2 lb. in size. In the winter, bass the same size like to group up. Catch a bass and the rest you catch out of that spot will be close to the same size. The surfacing bass went down or left so I moved on.

All the fish I caught out of this bunch came out of the top five feet of water. I switched to a 3/4 OZ. Cordell Jigging Spoon in years past I had good luck Jigging the area. It took a while in the 37-feet water for the Jig to get to the bottom. I started hopping it.

I was about to give up when I got a tap setting the hook, I started winding the fish to the top. In the clear water I saw a big bass on my line. Getting it in the boat it went around three pounds. I took its picture and released it. Same place about 10 minutes later I got another bigger bass; putting it in the boat I released it. Same area about the same time as before I got a four-pound bass in the boat.

I hung up and lost my CC Spoon. Tying on another, a drop and a hit after tugging it to the top I had the biggest bass of the day, I’m guessing on these weights but they are close after CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) on the big bass I released it.

I caught another big bass on the Cotton Cordell Jigging Spoon. I picked up one more in the four-pound range. The wind shifted and cloud cover came in and the bite was over. It was the best big bass day number-wise I have had this year.

With the growing popularity of Texas high school fishing teams that can lead to college fishing, good gear is a necessity. Like anything else, but especially in fishing, you get what you pay for. Reels and rods can hurt the pocketbook so I recommend that you go on line and check out the TFO Bass ROD’s Good Rod.

This rod has strong roots as Garry Loomis designed it. They are priced right for the rod you are getting with one of the best warranties in fishing. Blakemore Road Runners were mainly made for crappie fishing, they are good at it too.

A lot of people, me included, use the 1/8 and 1/4 oz. year-round but especially in winter. You can buy just the Jig heads and use any trailers you want. They also sell these Jigs with feathers. I use a lot of different YUM plastics when I fish them trying to find out what the fish want.

Try Blakemore’s Reel Magic, a 100 percent silicon non-greasy lubricant that will help keep your rods shiny; it makes your reel run smooth as a baby and will cut down on your reel and rod eyes freezing up — plus letting you make longer cast if used on your line.

Speaking of line, with what some of the lines cost these days ($10-$20 plus a spool), line might make a happy Dad come Christmas morning. Check the above out at TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group. TTI also has a division for hunters that you might want to check out at www.my gunprotect.com.

I think the Road Runners from my experience, and I have years of fishing them, are the best crappie and bass jigs you can buy. Just remember to fish them slow. If looking for any other new lures or gear go to Lurenet.com.

Pradco Fishing is turning out new lures and plastic faster than I can keep up with. They have lots of short blogs with everyday people telling you how they fish. I’ll have other gift ideas plenty of time ahead of Christmas for you to look over.

Well, this week sees Gunter going to Wichita Falls on our way to Jerry World. This fearless forecaster says the Tigers are getting tired of bird feathers This will be the second flock of Eagles we will have played in three weeks. I predict Gunter plucks this bunch of Eagles by 12 points.