I’m writing this as the rain is falling, thunder is roaring and the fireplace just got a new log.

I’d like to brag a little before I get into my article. My granddaughter, Hailee Blasingame, a lieutenant in the Denison High School Stingerettes, is in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

This Thanksgiving isn’t much for fishing and it’s probably a good time not to go. Can’t believe I wrote that. Wednesday, I went to do some research on what the fish were doing. The wind never showed up like our weather guessers predicted.

The lake was calm except for the wakes from the guide boats. As I left our cove, I could see birds working in the back of Little Mineral and some guide boats back there. I headed the other way and the gulls were also working in front of the lighthouse.

As the water has gotten cooler, I went to one of my winter spots. A friend from the old Texoma Bass Club, Shane Allison, was already there. He didn’t give me a good report but he is a person I can trust to tell me what’s going on if we aren’t in a tournament.

I hollered for him get out of my spot and he said I could have it. He said they hadn’t hurt it. After they left and I fished for a while I didn’t hurt it either. As I cleared the breakwater, I could see gulls working the open water toward Grandpappy.

Also, out from Little Mineral. There were a few boats under them. I headed for another spot I like an old broken up boat ramp on a point. I fished around it and caught one fat Kentucky bass on a Norman Black-Silver Crankbait, that was it.

Moving to another spot I like in the winter, I tied up to a piece of metal and had made a few casts with my 1/4 oz Blakemore Road Runner with a 3.5 inch YUM Pulse Swimbait I felt a tic, set the hook and fought a nice medium size channel cat to my boat. The Blakemore Road Runner is a bait that works on about everything than swims it needs to be fished slow. The cat pulled good.

After a while with nothing else interested in my lures, I moved again. Shane was also close to where I was going when I got there. We both fished different spots but neither of us got a bite I could see. They left and after another 30 minutes or more I untied and idled out still looking for bass.

It was getting close to dinner time so I headed back to our ramp and run out of gas. Not to worry — I have two tanks. Switching I restarted and came on back. I fished my way in and was at the ramp when I saw several good swirls out from it. As I was loading my boat, I grabbed a handy rod and made a cast got the tic and finally got a midsized blue catfish to the ramp.

Loading up I went home and put on the feedbag. There just isn’t anyway to make this day sound good: three fish — one bass, two cats and a lot of casts. That’s why despite what some of my friends say it’s called fishing not catching.

Well this Friday at 2 p.m. Gunter plays Rogers in the third round of playoffs in Corsicana. This means we will be leaving Gunter in the middle of the day. The Rogers coach is a former Gunter assistant. My fearless prediction says Eagles aren’t as good tasting as Turkeys so when the feathers and hair quit flying, I predict Gunter wins by 3. I’m guessing low but Rogers is a good team so for our bunch it’s on the road again. Once again, Happy Thanksgiving.