Tuesday saw Charlie and I at our boat ramp while it was just getting light.

Launching his boat, I was looking forward to another fish whipping. On our last four trips he had beat me pretty good — I just get to sit in the back and watch him run the trolling motor and catch fish ahead of me. At our first stop we fished across a flat I like. The fact that there was no wind to push the bait up and after no hits or bites, we went on.

Charlie picked out our next stop. As he eased in, we could see the gulls going crazy out from the shore in deeper water and only two boats under them. You know from earlier stories of our fishing he likes to throw the same Heddon Spook Top water lure a lot. That’s what he started with and fished it for longer than I would with no hits.

I started with a small YUM Pulse. It wasn’t high on the food chain Tuesday. Picking up my Temple Fork Medium action rod with a YUM Money Minnow on a jig head I made a long cast. As I started reeling it back, I got a hit set the hook and with Charlie watching holding the net a big smallmouth was leaping and tail walking.

We got him in and on Charlie’s new accurate scales he weighed 3.25 pounds. This fish was out of the water almost more than in. Moving to another spot that had been good to us was a washout. On to another spot a friend had told me about. We spent a long time on it. Charlie caught a Kentucky on a YUM Dinger. I had a big something hit my Money Minnow and after a tug of war he was gone.

Now I don’t like to use heavy hooks. The smaller wire hooks are easier to stick fish with and with a good drag setting you can whip some big fish. The downside of using them is they can be straightened out. That’s what happened to me.

We fished down a rocky bank in the back of this cove. I had switched and was throwing a Norman Crank bait; I got another hit and a big smallmouth came flying out of the water. In a short time in the shallow water, it was jump, tail walk and wallowing on the surface. I let my drag play with him as he went under the boat my TFO Rod was bent double.

I turned the fish and as he came out from under the boat Charlie netted him. We agreed it was just a little bigger than the first one; they would have made good bookends. He had my whole lure inside his mouth. It took a while to get it out without hurting the fish much. Instead of weighing this fish we let him go because he had been out of the water for a while. I caught a chunky largemouth behind our boat as we were leaving on the Money Minnow.

We got to our next spot just ahead of another bass boat. I caught four more chunky smallmouth and every one of them danced and jumped. I caught two of them on the YUM Money Minnow and two on the Black and Sliver Little N Norman Crank bait. We finished up in another cove and my second cast with the YUM Money Minnow got a keeper Kentucky.

Why the fish wanted the different shape and size swim bait Tuesday only the fish know. That’s one reason lures are made in different sizes and colors sometimes all it takes is a change to turn fishing into catching. At the ramp I got to gloat a little as the back of the boat was the place to be this day. It was me: 6, Charlie: 1. For some reason all the fish wanted to jump that day, also on the plus side it was a beautiful day to be on the lake.

Well it’s time again for me to make my football picks. The Pottsboro Cardinals take on Sabine at Paris. I’m picking Pottsboro to win by 25. By the way Gunter would like to have another shot at you. My Tigers take on the Clifton Cubs at Waxahachie. I’m thinking what you could make out of a Cub hide — Gunter wins by 15 or more.