Thanks to all of the Veterans Posts — VFW Lakeside 7873, Amvets 231, Vietnam Vets 973, and Elks Lodge 238 — and Georgetown Baptist Church as they and their members put on as good a welcome home event I have ever went to.

Friday night the VFW Post 7873 hosted the military with good food, raffles, karaoke, drinks and interacting with the troops had everyone smiling and laughing.

Saturday morning Vietnam Veterans Post 973 fed everyone with breakfast burritos and after a morning catching fish, they and the guides were treated to a BBQ dinner furnished by the Georgetown Baptist Church.

Supper that night was hosted by the Amvets Post 231 and Elks Lodge 238 fed them breakfast before they left to return to their bases. Thanks to these guides below who donated a day of fishing to make sure everyone got to tackle a Texoma striper. Friday night, in addition to having a heck of a good time, I won a wooden American flag that is handmade and beautiful. It’s on our wall now. Best $5 I ever spent for a chance.

Keep these guides who furnished boats and all the fixings for the troops to catch fish in mind if you want a trip on Texoma: Earl Davis, Jeff Bobo, John Brett, Cole Cook, Marvin Powell, Ed Musser, Denis Curtis, Alan Webster, John Beavers, Dan Hands, Lee Scott, Jacob McCook, Gary Mulkey, Don Childers and Jerry Dorsey.

They furnished everything, including finding fish, for the troops. I know ball games took some of you away but next year try to make it. It’s a great event. The only thing I could find fault with was the beverage cup they give me had hole in it and kept getting empty.

The gulls are back and they are giving away the stripers. They are in Little Mineral now big time. Believe it or not some big stripers and box-size fish can still be caught off the bank now.

I have not only caught some big stripers, I’ve tied into some three-and-four pound black bass mixed in with the stripers off the bank. So far, my 6-foot 9 inch Medium, Temple Fork Outfitters Signature Rods have been more than up to the task of wearing them down and reeling them in.

Fishing has been so good I conned my friend Charlie into going fishing in my boat Monday. He started as always throwing either a Heddon Jr. Chugger, or a Lucky 13 to start with. I had my YUM Pulse White 3 1/2-inch Swimbait tied on, as I have said before it is an awesome Bait and will catch anything that swims in Texoma.

I’m fishing mine with a 5/16 oz. jig Head, find some working gulls, make a long cast and start a steady retrieve — sometimes they will want it fast and close to the top but other times they may want it deeper. Experiment you will catch a fish.

These baits also work for off the bank fishing, make long casts. If bank fishing besides the YUM Pulse bait throw a weighted cork with a streamer. Please use common sense if you are in your boat and there are other boats fishing under the birds don’t burst in on them. Stop a way’s off then use your trolling motor to get in on the action, or drift in.

At our stop on my second cast I had a big striper. It was like hauling a Volkswagen in. Getting it to the boat we let it go. I caught another smaller fish. Charlie missed one, I missed another then they were gone. We moved to the back of Little Mineral I caught another small striper while Charlie finally got one on and in. No gulls and a slow bite saw us head out.

We fished a clay bank that had been good to us to no avail. Our next stop was a small cove that had also been good to us. We were moving along as the wind was pushing us. I could hear Charlie’s Chugger Popping in about two feet of water. All at once a bomb exploded on his Chugger. He played the big striper until we got it to the boat. I never brought it in the boat. I got the hook out and we fished on.

The wind was getting up so Charlie suggested we go to the very back of a big cove. It was out of the wind and we could see shad running the banks with fish after them. We both went to casting and catching.

I got another decent fish but not as big as the earlier one. We fished and caught until they left. We then fished down a shallow bank. There was a big swirl just off the shore. My YUM Pulse hit the spot I made about three turns with the reel and was tied in to another big fish we got it to the boat; it was between 7-8 pounds.

We had a great half-day. Earlier that morning as the sun came up and hit a bank we were fishing; the trees had started turning leaves it was beautiful. Charlie and I like what a show nature puts on and both appreciate being in good enough health to see these events outdoors.

Friday Night Lights and fearless Webb predicting. The Gunter Tigers after taming the Henrietta Wildcats last week, 50-7, go undefeated in district win in another cat fight. The Bearcats from Callisburg lose by 30. I’ve only missed 1 prediction this year. Dress warm since it’s football weather in Texas.