This past weekend saw 266 boats with 512 fishermen coming out of Catfish Bay and they found Texoma a tough nut to crack. Not only was fishing hard both days, Saturday the weather made me glad I wasn’t fishing.

I talked to quite a few teams who came into our cove during practice days and most said if bass were stripers, they couldn’t count that high. While none were forthcoming with what they were using and where they were fishing, looking at the results it seems like sharing info might have helped.

In two days of fishing there were only two bass over six pounds and 22 bass over three pounds were caught by the field. There were 50 zeroes, 18 teams with one fish and the rest with 2-9 fish. There were only 20 limits.

The total number of fish bought to the scales was 1,300, weighing 3,121.40 pounds. Winning with 35.09 pounds and taking home a new fully rigged out Skeeter FXR20 with a Yamaha Engine were Drew Sloan and Terry Hawkins. The second-place team of Easton Higley and Blake Shroeder with 10 fish going 33.31 pounds took home a fully rigged Skeeter ZX 225 with a Yamaha motor for their efforts.

Texoma didn’t show our local fishermen much mercy. Bob Wilson of Sherman and Rob Metters from McKinney finished in 25th, the highest of any local fishermen with 24.65 pounds. On the other hand, the Texoma Tournament was a blessing to motel and hotel and lake cabin renters. Restaurants and gas stations also shared in the bounty.

My bad luck continues. I went to the garage where I keep my boat and just happened to look at the spare tire. The tread had blown off it sitting in the garage.

It was time for me to fertilize the yard. I have one of those medium-size spreaders you push. I have a lot of yard and the spreader is hard to push. Graduating from Red Neck University after 76 years of study, I figured out a way to hook it to our lawn tractor. I rigged my invention up, called Susan to get on the tractor and took off at a walking speed as I held the spreader.

Going straight was a snap; turning presented a little problem but I finally got the rope off everything it was wrapped around. Knowing what to do and wanting to stretch out my fertilizer, I asked her to go faster. She did and I was galloping along trying to keep up as fertilizer was flying everywhere. We got that problem fixed and things went reasonably well except for a half dozen stops to get the rope off the tractor axle.

We got the whole job done with me only getting the look a few times and Susan did a good job of driving. I have to improve on my idea if I want her to help this spring.

The fish market had slowed down. I was having trouble getting the full meal deal — 2-4 fish was a good day. Well Thursday Charlie and I came in from catching two bass and a lot of stripers — I even caught two at one time on a Bomber 6A Fire Tiger Crankbait. We were in stripers from the lighthouse to Little Mineral as they were surfacing everywhere. We loaded his boat and he left.

A friend was wiring up a light over a door over the fish market. I looked at my watch, picking up my rod and reel with a Blakemore Road Runner jig and a Plastic YUM Crappie body I pulled nine big crappie lost two. I went home, cleaned seven, loaded Ginger up on the golf cart and went and dumped the carcasses where the buzzards roost and was back home in 50 minutes. Baked fish tonight for supper.

This Friday we have another team coming to Gunter from the western flatlands. After eating Eagles last week, the Tigers get their first horse meat this year as the City View Mustangs visit. We have both played and beat Holiday by almost the same score. I predict the Tigers win by 14.