This past weekend saw 178 high school fishing teams on Lake Ray Roberts. These teams were from the North Division. The Pottsboro team of juniors Charles Holder and Tyler Farris placed second out of the 178 teams. They had three fish going 9.76 pounds and second big bass with a 5.8-pounder. Each of them picked up a rod and reel, a plaque and $1,000 scholarship.

All high school teams must fish from a boat run by an adult. The high schools are divided into divisions all over the state. They have many of the same sponsors the Bass pros have backing them up. At any time, a school can enter a team. If you are interested in getting your teens and school involved, information can be found on the Texas High School Bass Association Web Site. You will be amazed at the number of schools already in it.

Well, after another job, my guardian angel aced it and kept me from ending up on our Thanksgiving table. I was awful close to losing my head.

I had told you in earlier articles about building a cover for our back deck. Susan decided we should have string lights all around it and up on our old deck. I got them all up and they worked except for one junction where I plugged them together. I could get it to come on and then it would go out.

I fiddled with it for a while. Now I had to have the power on to run the lights. My two outdoor fans are hard-wired in and they were on high. I was on a stepladder. I got the lights working and leaned back to admire my work. One of the fans hit the side of my neck and cut two slits.

If I had moved back another step likely my head would have been on the floor looking back at me. Grabbing a sanitary paper towel that looked clean it had only been outside for a couple of weeks I got the blood stopped and super glued the slits together. Got the scars to prove it. That was Sunday.

Monday, I went crappie fishing, I went to the boathouse, put my basket in the water, baited a rod and caught a nice crappie. I put it in the basket and the next one I caught was a hog. I dropped him in the basket too. I caught another, pulled up my basket and the fish were gone. I held the basket up and looked it over. Two more fish disappeared. I went home and told Susan. I looked the basket over really good again.

Tuesday, I went fishing again after dropping four more in and not having any stay in it. I looked really close and there was a small spring that was gone, it only took me two days and about 9 fish to figure it out. Here’s my sign.

This Wednesday my retired fire fishing friend Charlie and I went fishing. I got to ride in the back of his boat again. At our first stop we caught fish, just not the color we were looking for. I bring my own cushion to sit on and while I was getting the hook out of a fish it blew in the lake. Charlie kept going before I finally got his attention and he went to get it.

He had a big Heddon Chugger on and would catch it, swing it in the boat and it would fall back in the water. He tried to swing it in four times. Now the reason I wasn’t trying to get it was that Chugger had me hugging the deck as it came flying my way all four times.

Continuing our trip, it was one of the best days we have had. It was another catching instead of fishing. We caught at least 10 maybe more, bass, sand bass of all sizes and more stripers than we wanted. It was getting hot so we were off the lake by 11.

My football prediction — Don’t know what the Nocona team is called, maybe Boots. Gunter wins by 20.