Too many times I, and I’m betting you, load the boat and go fishing. Some of those days can involve a lot of fishing and not catching. Other days you are catching more than fishing.

Tuesday Charlie and I got on the lake for the first time together in a while. I’d been out before but not with him. Crappie are cooperating and I’ve been fishing and catching and eating, not needing my boat. We agreed to go fishing Tuesday.

I was at the ramp at 6:30 a.m. but I had a lonesome wait as he was a mite slow showing up.

We launched and went to the back of Little Mineral. It was fishing back there, not catching. I moved us up to a bank I like when the wind is blowing in on it.

From the time we stopped till about an hour later, it was catching. White birds were walking the shore gobbling up shad. We could see the water breaking. It was a bunch of stripers on top. We wore them out and caught several sandbass also. Largemouth, Kentuckys, stripers and sandies were hitting anything you tossed at them.

All at once a big fish exploded on my Rebel Pop R. It came by and jumped right in front of Charlie. He was digging for the net. It was an almost four-pound smallmouth. These bass were mixed in with the stripers and we caught several.

I took us to another spot I hadn’t fished in a while and saw us catch some more bass. As it always happens, when your guard is down the fish of a lifetime will try to take your lure home with him.

Charlie was having trouble holding us off the bank and fumbling with his trolling motor. His Heddon Chugger Jr. was in the water just floating. I happened to be looking at it when the biggest bass Charlie had never caught exploded on the Chugger Jr.

I saw that bass’ head and shoulders and you could have put my three-plus fish in its mouth. Charlie did a good hook set after the fish was gone.

Leaving there we went to another point. We hadn’t been fishing long when Charlie and the Chugger tied up to a good Kentucky bass. He said to get the net but I had a bass the same size as his on and told him he was going to have to net that one himself. I think it was Charlie’s first time to have a big bass double in his boat.

Everywhere we went Tuesday we caught fish of all kinds. While we were in the mixed fish location, I got a hit on my Gay Blade and my drag began to unwind. I couldn’t slow the fish down so I put my thumb on the spool and the lure came loose. One of the tribble hooks had broken off. I was using a Cotton Cordell 3/8 oz Gay Blade. I’m 99 % sure it was a big striper that was mixed in with the other fish that “hit and run” me.

I get up at 5 or 5:30 every morning, and I was watching Fox Wednesday morning when my phone rang. It was Charlie and he wanted to talk about the big bass that got away. I also think he was wanting to go fishing again. We talked for a while and I had other fish to fry so he hung up and we will probably go fishing again next week. I like to think we will have another day like Tuesday but I’m doubting it.

I missed my first prediction of the season as Pottsboro just outplayed us. In defense of Gunter they had a fumble in the end zone and several long runs called back. I hope they work on penalties this week. I think Pottsboro is going to surprise some schools in its division. Gunter goes to Whitesboro this Friday and I’m predicting a Gunter win by 7. It hurt to have our 35-game win streak ended but we can start another one this Friday. Love high school football.