Sort of an odd heading for a fishing slot. I’m glad I’m old. I’m glad I grew up on a farm and didn’t go to college. I had a father and mother who always somehow managed to have food on the table when for us, money was scarce.

I’ve written about some of the things I did to keep myself happy; roping pigs and catching cows come to mind and I never thought about trying to be anything that I wasn’t. My grandparents and my dad all taught me how to drive all of our tractors and how to use all the implements we had. That wasn’t hard as we didn’t have that many.

I drove horses and mules or at least sat in the seat as they knew more than me about what they were supposed to do. Grandad had a one-row case corn picker. You had to pick a down row so the picker could turn without throwing corn on the ground.

That’s the time I wrote about riding in the wagon when the horses took off. I was hanging on for my life and crying. The horses stopped when they got to a fence and calmly waited on granddad to get there.

Thanks to the School of Hard Knocks and razor straps or belts at home and paddles at school — and if you really want to get the message across of what a proper whipping feels like let your dad fold up a check rein making about six or seven different straps and use it. I grew up with a gun and never had the least thought about shooting anyone.

Where I’m going with this is: I got educated on how life was; I learned how to keep motors running, how to handle horses and mules how to use a tractor and my mom let me loose in a harvested corn field to learn how to drive a car.

My dad, friends and grandparents taught me how to fix problems with plumbing, building, electrical and cars, without needing inspections or permits, and we were able to keep all of our cars and equipment working.

I was blessed by never having had a smart phone or iPad to distract me. Today Susan says I’m about as smart about all of these things as a tailless monkey trying to hang in a tree. George Jones had a song, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes.”

I ask myself this daily, because kids seem to show a lack of interest today in learning a trade or how to fix things. They spend their time looking at their phone. They seem to avoid going to colleges that teach about real life. I’m glad I’m old. The only part of getting old I don’t like is it’s hard to find 42 or Moon players any more.

Monday morning about 5 a.m. I got a text. Susan heard it; I don’t text — with my thumbs I’m sure I would insult somebody because I can’t just hit one button. She woke me up and gave me the phone and I had a text message from one of the fishing guides who work out of our cove. It said the lock had been cut.

I went back to sleep until it got light. Here is an example of some people knowing how to do smart things with their phones and being brain dead when it comes to real life. It was over the Labor Day Weekend. Someone wanted in our boat ramp. I had shut the gate and put the lock in. Wanting to be nice, I left the gate closed but unlocked and thought I’d let anyone visiting the lake who wanted to go fishing but didn’t have a key get in.

Someone who had to be a few french fries short of a full McDonald’s pack took a battery-powered grinder and cut the hasp. He evidently didn’t try to open the lock — not locked — like a normal person would. Whoever you are, here is your sign!

As you know I’ve told you I was working on a covered deck. It’s done and The Rusty Moose Saloon is going to open as soon as I get the name board up.

It’s got a three-tier water fall, plants, a Big Mamoo of a ceiling fan, icebox that holds beverages, along with a stereo system. It also is all locked when the owners aren’t in and having good neighbors on four sides who will report anyone seen in my posted yard without me.

There are a number of big dead stripers floating now and drifting into coves. Fishing is so good and catching overs — stripers over 20 inches — is so easy now that a lot of those released are dying and floating. We have several in our cove on the banks that stink to high heaven but the buzzards like it.

Striper fishing is good on Creek Chub Pencil or Pin Poppers, Slabs and live bait. They continue to surface, coming up all over the lake. Crappie are also biting in brush and boathouses; Jigs are working for me really well.

Bass fishing is fair to good. Topwater’s like Rebel Pop R’s and Heddon Zara Spooks early along with Norman Crankbaits and Soft plastics Like the new YUM Ned Dingers are good choices.

We have a Bass Champs Fishing Tournament coming up this month on the lake. Looking at Facebook reports, dove hunting locally was slow. Farther south and west the shooting was very good. Haven’t heard much out of Oklahoma yet on how shooting was up there. I’m sure Lynn will have his report for you.

My football prediction: The Tigers feast on Red Birds again as Gunter wins by 14. Gunter is ranked number 3 in the State. Go Tigers.