Finally, we are getting into that time of year that gets me going. We are having a few days now when it’s bearable to be out. Rain has helped on my water bill. After this weekend Sunday Labor Day, the lake traffic will diminish a lot.

For a lot of boaters, dove hunting will put them in a different outdoor event. Football, kids and school will end a lot of the other lake visitors. It’s a time I look forward to. It even gets better for me as it really gets cold. I love winter fishing. It has been a hectic summer and year.

The flood and high water limited my night fishing earlier this year. Several tournaments had bass boats all over the lake. Fast forward to just a week or so ago when I almost got into it with some rude people who didn’t have to be that way. For the occasional bad apple I met, I met a lot more who were great.

Another fall thing to look forward too is our area football games. As usual I will be supporting my Gunter Tigers; it’s going to take a lot of gas since we are traveling more this season. Fall also brings all kinds of local festivals to go to.

Thursday morning found Charlie Hill and I on the lake at daylight. We had been planning on going fishing on Wednesday. Being seasoned, retired fishermen who can go fishing anytime, we let the Channel 12 weather guesser scare us off.

So here we were Thursday, idling out as the sun arose in the east. It was cool with a light wind and started a good day of fishing. We were in Charlie’s boat again; I was riding shotgun in the back. While I’m catching the majority of my fish in the main lake he was driving and I agreed that we look in the back of Little Mineral first.

Charlie started the day with a whiff on his first strike. Not long after I netted a nice bass for him. It’s got so he is so good I just set in the back, changing lures and netting for him. I caught a bass on a Rebel POP R. While we worked our way out toward the lake Charlie caught two more and lost one. I caught another.

When we got to the mouth of Little Mineral we were met by some big waves. Not having any reason to stay out in the rough water, we went back to what I call Belt Buckle Cove. He promptly put another nice fish in the boat. Our next stop I had a wrestling match with a good fish on a Bill Norman Crank Bait it got off before I could get it close enough for Charlie to net.

Making a last stop, Charlie put two more chunks in the boat. I was feeling like the wallflower no one wants to dance with. In a little over three hours Charlie caught six and lost two: all his fish came on an old Heddon Chugger Jr. He doesn’t need anything else.

I caught two and lost two on a Norman Crankbait and Rebel Pop R. I was back at the house at 10 a.m. having a cup of coffee. Great day to be on the lake. We only saw three other boats. Another plus for living at the lake is that I can keep an eye on the fish market.

Crappie Fishing was good this summer if you didn’t mind sweating. This fall it will be better. There are a lot of trees and brush showing now from the floods. Most of them have crappie in them. If you strike out on one move to another. You will find fish on one sooner or later. Tuesday afternoon I hit one brush pile that had some barn door and big crappie in it.

It took me 50 minutes from the time I left the house to catch six big crappie and get back home. They all came on 1/8 oz. Blakemore Road Runner Jigs tipped with a Crappie Nibble. At home I was filleting them, in my haste I filleted my thumb. After we got the bleeding stopped and I cleaned the sink of my blood, Susan and I had baked crappie for supper. The fillets were so big we had enough left for supper Wednesday night.

The results from Joe Copeland’s Future Bass year ending Texoma Tournaments showed Texoma was full of big fat fall bass. Of the 35 teams entered, 30 of them had limits. Winning was the team of Bruce and Brett Taylor with 20.16 pounds and a 7.4-pound big bass.

Second was Stewart Shirey and Todd Rosser with 14.98 pounds while third was J.C. Thompson and Shane Fields at 14.09 pounds, fourth was Jeremy Whitson and Eddie Ramsey at 14.05 pounds and fifth was Hayden and Scott Burket with 13.74 pounds.

Little Dixie Bass Club Texoma August night tournament results saw Larry Wills and Jack Mills win with 17.84 pounds. Second place was Jon Clouse and Kenneth Pate at 17.68 pounds; third was Alex and Joe Johnson at 16.78 pounds; fourth was Jerry Brown and Durward Kirk with 15.98 pounds and fifth was Pat and Mike Murphy at 15.08 pounds. Jerry Brown had the big bass with a 5.62-pounder.

Don’t forget you need a new Texas Hunting and Fishing license by the end of this month.