Susan had been after me to put a roof over our back deck. I got my friend Roger, who is a lot smarter than me about most things, to make a drawing of what I described and let me know what I needed to get. He came bouncing in with a computer drawing of what I wanted. He had a list of things I needed to get. He can build anything. It must be right or we redo it. I on the other hand say, “Nail her up.” That doesn’t work with him.

We started three or four weeks ago. We only worked until it got hot, so this was a long project. She wanted a big fan. I put in conduit and ran the wires. I thought we could wire it up. Roger doesn’t trust my electrical skills for some reason. He and others have seen the results of a few things that went a little wrong.

Now I know electricity. I got my first taste of what it could do as I was growing up. We lived in the country with no near neighbors. That’s the same place my pig-roping event took place. In the summer with the days like we have now, we took our mattress out on the front porch at night. It was a lot cooler than sleeping in the house.

I was around 6 or 7 years old. Daddy had a hired hand working for him who was full of knowledge — or I thought so at that time. He told me he could touch our electric fence and not get shocked. I saw him get a rubber inner tube, put it on the ground took off his shoes and used the bathroom and it didn’t shock him. I tried it and it worked. Back to sleeping on the porch. Even then I was thinking. It would be easy to stand on a rubber tube and relieve myself instead of walking to the walnut tree.

I could also go off the north end of the porch but there was an electric fence that didn’t leave much room. That’s where the idea of standing on an inner tube came from. I had to go. I had put the inner tube on the ground before going to bed. I got off the porch and stood on the tube and couldn’t resist hitting the electric fence.

I had one toe or something off the tube because I was grounded. When they finally got me quieted down and I got over it, I had a new respect for the fence and knew now how that one little wire kept cows in. By the way, I’m done with the deck and have a 64-inch fan over us.

There are a couple of fishing tournaments set for Texoma this and next month. This Saturday, August 24th Joe Copeland’s Future Bass Tournament will end its season at Alberta Creek Marina. Those qualifying can go to the championship on Oklahoma’s Lake Eufaula. I’ll have the results next week.

On September 7 is the first Fish Bowl Tournament go out of Catfish Bay. The Toby Keith Foundation, OK Kids Korral, is a fundraiser for children with cancer so they may be treated for free and have a home while doing it. It’s based in Oklahoma City. If you aren’t fishing the tournament bring the kids — it’s free. For fishermen in the bass division the first-place prize is $10,000 if 150 boats are entered. There will be gifts and prizes for the first 200 people entered before September 7 presented at the captains meeting.

For families who want to come out and bring their children there will be a bulldozer, fire truck, helicopter, and other vehicles for the children to crawl over or sit in. Throw in some big inflatable toys, four food trucks, and a junior fishing tournament for children under 12. There will also be archery classes. All of this happens between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. For more info call the Toby Keith Foundation at 405-271-6552 or go to

Got to brag a little: one of my longtime sponsors who I work for is Pradco Fishing. This past week they saw one of their Elite sponsored fishermen, Micah Frazier, after four days of fishing the St Lawrence River win with 87.4 pounds. He fished all four days with one lure. This new YUM Ned Dinger wasn’t even shown at the CAST show this year. It wasn’t going to be released until this fall.

There has been such a demand for it after he won, they are going to release the YUM Ned-Dinger early and it should be on shelves soon. Micah said he fished it all four days in 18 to 40-foot water on a Mushroom 1/8 and 1/4 oz head jig. He was fishing straight up and down under the boat, letting the current move him along.

Tuesday Susan came carrying in a box from Pradco. It was a selection of YUM Ned Dingers. The bait is similar to the Ned on the Market except its tail is hollow. This lets it float straight up and down and a gentle jerk makes it release air bubbles.

Striper fishing is good early, with bigger fish being caught later in the day. There is surfacing action going on everywhere. Bass fishing is slow to fair.

Don’t forget to buy your new hunting and fishing licenses. They run out the end of this month. Cool weather is coming so don’t put up your rods and reels yet. I used to look forward to dove season. Now I’ll leave the bird hunting to my fellow writer Lynn Burkhead. I’ll stick to bass fishing on Texoma.