You know it might be a tough day on the lake when you can catch only three fish in about 30 minutes. I’m not kidding — late Tuesday afternoon I hit my crappie place and was only able to pull out three nice ones.

I might have gotten there too late and just got in on the tail end of the bite. I left them in my basket. I went down on Wednesday morning early and got no bite so I let the three go. I have plenty in the freezer to keep me fed.

As I was on a bass fishing trip, I left and headed out. The feel of cool air was great as I ran down the lake. As I slowed down and went on my trolling motor, I looked around I was the only boat back there. Last week there were shad breaking everywhere. Wednesday morning it was quieter than a cemetery.

I started with a Heddon Pop R top water and a Booyah Buzz Baits, with no results. Ditto for Whacky worm and Shaky Head. Baits that had worked good last week were ignored. What I saw last week different from this Wednesday was bait everywhere. This week was the opposite, just a surface-breaking buffalo now and then.

Leaving the area I was fishing, I started working my way out toward the mouth of Little Mineral. From our cove out to Grandpappy I managed to dig out five fish. None of them were anything to brag about but three would do for starters in a tournament. I switched to two baits that caught the five fish and used them until I quit.

Other baits might have worked better but I tried a bunch and only a Carolina Rig and Shaky head produced for me. Some of the fish came shallow and some deeper. I worked the Carolina Rig out along the deeper ledges and the shaky Head shallow. This time unlike the last few trips my fish for the most part weren’t on wood, but rocks. Still it was a great day to go fishing. After the heat wave we had earlier this and last week this was a big change.

The Annual Cast Show is over for this year and there were some new lures introduced and some work overs on others. Pradco Fishing showed some neat new lures and, if not out already, they will be on shelves soon. This is a great company to be supported by and I have been with them for over 20 years.

During that time, I have worked shows with a lot of the touring pros and made a slew of new friends. Many of them like me are getting up to retirement age and the new anglers coming on are a different breed.

I talked to a friend and former guide and he said there was bait up north around Platter Flats. This was the way the guide boats working out of our cove were headed. Keeping it in the family, my son-in-law striper guide John Blasingame (Adventure Texoma Outdoors) sent me pictures of big stripers schooling on top and his people catching them three at a time.

Now from what little he told me it was about fishing for them early. Then burn some gas looking for them in the deeper open water. He says they can be found stacked up but it takes some looking to find them. He only uses artificial baits. I know the live bait fishermen are doing good. I’m also seeing more boats trolling now.

This used to be the way to catch the sandbass using Bayou Boogies trolling around the islands. Who remembers how boats used to gang up at night with lanterns over the side and fish for the sandbass? We would seance for ghost minnows around the islands; it didn’t make much difference if the minnows were alive or dead the fish would bite them.

With all the boat traffic and fast big boats, out at night now I guess it’s too dangerous to anchor down like we used to.

This is starting to look like the break is over on zebra mussels. My trash barrels that were under water while the lake was high came out covered in little mussels. It’s the first time in a couple of years I have seen this many ganged up.

If by now you have a boat in the water and haven’t used it, I would check out your lower unit as the zebras can cover your water intakes and possibly cause you to burn out a motor if your heat alarm doesn’t go off.

Swimmers should also be alert playing in shallow water. Wear water shoes they can save you getting a cut foot. The shells of the zebra mussels are sharp and they can be on any kind of wood or rock or other structure under the water.

Bass Tournaments continue on Texoma. This Saturday Joe Copeland’s Future Bass goes out of Alberta Creek. This will be the second Tournament this month and the fish limit has been reduced to four fish. This double tournament fishing will go on in August also as he makes up for the tournaments; he had to move because of the high water earlier this year. The championship will be on Oklahoma’s Lake Eufaula this year.

Summer is fast going away so get out to the lake for swimming or fishing or camping before school starts. It’s hot, so drink plenty of fluids, wear good sunglasses and don’t skip on sunscreen lotion.