Now while this is true at least for me and some others, there is a little more to it.

First off, bass fishing is very good — if you know where to look and using what lure works best for you. If day fishing, there are three things bass fishing now you need to consider. Number one is get out early. My trips with Charlie that started at 6 a.m. were good up until about 9 a.m. when the fish quit.

After that we come to No. 2: move out to main lake points and banks closest to deep water. Fish every bush and log or tree you can find in the water. While the action doing this isn’t as fast as the early fishing you can still catch some.

Number 3: as the sun gets higher and temps rise, look for shady spots, tire breakwaters, boathouses over deeper water and any other floating structure. What baits to use are pretty simple: A Top water like a Heddon Zara Spook danced across the top can get some unforgettable strikes. A Booyah Buzz Bait is also another early lure that will work. One of my favorites is a Black and Sliver Rebel Pop R. I like a Shaky Head this time of year too.

Now other fishermen may differ with me, it’s okay, there is always more than one way to skin a fish.

What I’m doing now is working pretty good as two of my Metroplex friends using them placed sixth in Joe Copeland’s Future Bass last Saturday. This was a four-fish tournament and they had 14 pounds even.

An hour after the tournament started they had a limit and fished the rest of the day trying to cull up. They had one more big bass on but lost it at the boat. Winning the tournament was the team of Jeff Reynolds and Randell Bruce with 18.78 pounds.

The fish are willing to bite now if you know where, what on and how deep. There is one more thing to remember if you are fishing in the daytime now — carry plenty of ice water or power drinks. Drink before you feel thirsty. Signs you might be getting dehydrated are dizziness, weakness, profuse sweating and a general different feel.

A good sunscreen, 15 and above, is highly recommended and bad as I hate them a long-sleeve shirt is a big help. Long shorts and sunscreen legs are also a great way to beat the sun. While striper fishing has gotten a little tougher, it’s still plenty good as they continue to surface all over the lake. Live bait and deep-water fishing are working also.

Lure fishermen are scoring on big swim baits like a 5-inch YUM Pulse or similar plastic baits fished deep on big jig heads and slabs.

Now finally I have found crappie willing to bite in numbers. These are the fish I will give up my bass fishing for. There is no finer eating fish than a crispy-fried crappie or one baked or grilled unless it is fried bream. For me now it’s deep-water fishing with an eighth ounce jig and a two-inch plastic trailer.

I’m also having better luck with a tube bait. YUM and Blakemore bodies are my choices. Crappie Nibbles are a necessary item to have in your tackle box. Now I’m looking for and catching them in 12-20 foot of water. There are a lot of trees out in deeper water now washed in by the floods that are holding crappie.

Personally, I am looking for boathouses or floating structure’s with brush in 12-16 feet of water to be holding fish. I’m already stocking up my freezer with fillets getting ready for winter.

Living at the lake and having a bird-and-butterfly-friendly back yard with a raised bed garden has turned into a war between mockingbirds and blue jays and me over who can get to my ripe tomatoes the fastest.

My bird bath is the scene of multiply fights as birds of every size try to get in it. Birds are dirty as my bath has lots of mud in it when I change the water every two days. All our hot weather plants are showing off. Life at the lake is good.