I was shocked this week when the newsflash said Ross Perot had died. This bought up a few memories. My cousin Mike Streetman and I were involved in his first run for president. We worked Gunter for him by giving out signs talking to people and doing what his party needed. We were hoping he could win. Our efforts didn’t get many votes. I don’t think we did much his second run. Mike might remember if we did or not.

Where this is going is years later, I was fishing down by his lake house. I was in what we called Perot’s Cove, where he has a big boathouse to this day. As I come around his breakwater, I noticed two men in suits behind the wall that runs around between the Rip Rap and his yard looking down at me.

I continued to move on down intending to fish his boathouse. I noticed they were walking along with me. I just thought they were watching for me to catch a fish. As I got to the end of Ross’s Boathouse still fishing, I didn’t think much about it, concentrating on what I was doing. The big door on the stall where he kept his big cruiser was up.

I wasn’t paying much attention as I was still looking for a bite. I was just starting to cross the open slip when a voice said “Catching anything?” I looked up and Ross was standing just inside the door.

I stopped and started doing something not many people have ever done. We talked for a while, just him and me, one on one, no politics or media, just two lake lovers talking. Our conversation covered several things, then he walked back a little way and said there is always a big bass hanging here as he pointed at the water in his slip.

He watched as I made a couple of casts with no results. I didn’t think much about it then but now that I’m older I understand what a privilege it was talking and interacting with him; he was just a friendly person.

My gift of gab also might have had something to do with it. When I cleared the boathouse the two men were there still watching me. I’m guessing they were his bodyguards. A nice man and a great loss for our country.

Tuesday morning, I left the house and went to Highport. The water over there is a lot more stained than our side. It was the first time in a couple of months I had been on that side of the lake. Before I got out of the harbor, I had caught a keeper and a small bass on a Belly Spin Jig head with a Small YUM Pulse swimbait on it as I was fishing boathouses.

With the bite there slow I headed down to Ma Tucker’s; I think they call it Cambridge Shores now. Switching to a Shaky head jig with a YUM 4-inch Rib worm I caught a chunky bass then a smaller one. Don’t go looking for these baits as they were discounted some time ago. I just happen to still have some.

Leaving there I ran down to Mill Creek and deep cranked a spot or two with no results. Making the run from there to the first cove north of Highport, I fished the outside ledge with no results. Moving into the cove I almost got a good bass off the row of new boathouses but he was the only one there, I guess. The other reason I left before I fished all of the stalls was because I set off that vocal intruder alarm and it wouldn’t shut up.

I had one more bite back at the big boathouse in the back. It was after noon and I had all I wanted of the Highport side.

Wednesday morning my retired firefighter friend Charlie and I were on the water at 6 a.m. I like our water color a lot better. I quickly threw my Bomber 6A lure in the spot and caught his fish. Further down I caught another on the crank. Charlie set the hook and had his first bass. He then missed two more.

All at once the water exploded and he said get the net. When he finally got it in the boat it went 2.86 pounds on his new high dollar scales. He and I both missed fish as we went on. I picked up my Shaky Head and started catching fish. Charlie caught another on his Chugger. Not long after he had a much larger bass jump all over his Heddon Chugger and missed it.

I was not missing many on my Shaky head Jig and 4-inch YUM Dinger. I didn’t have but one of those Rib Worms in my travel pouch and it tore up so I switched to the 4-inch Dinger; it was pretty close to the YUM Rib Worm in size. I got another chunky bass in the boat. I was catching a fish about every three or four casts.

Charlie stuck with his Chugger and caught another and missed one. Not long after I caught another big bass, got it all the way to the boat and it came off. All I could do was sit there looking at the water and mumbling big fish. We caught about 12 or 13 fish some good some small and missed or lost another 4 or 5 we weren’t keeping a score book.

This Saturday will see Joe Copeland’s Future Bass Tournament go out of Alberta Creek. This and the rest of the tournaments to the championship will have a four-fish limit, not five.

I’m starting to build a cover for our deck. My back-door cousin Roger, who is a lot better at building things than I am, will be doing the planning that gets Susan’s approval. I grew up in redneck country and, on Grandad’s farm and our farm we didn’t go that much on looks — if it worked, it was good.

I’m still that way today and it occasionally leads into a Donkey Bar-B-Q Dinner and I’m the entrée.

It’s going to be hot for awhile so if you are on or in the lake drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration can affect you even if you are in the water.