Back in the good old days – meaning the time I was a schoolboy in the land of the Yellow Jackets – it was a common practice for students returning for the fall semester to write an essay about how they spent their summer vacation.

While I’m not sure if they do that anymore, Denison’s Kyle Uber, principal for the Denison ISD’s Houston Elementary School, could write a whopper of an angling tale that happened on his summer vacation. And that’s no fish story, either.

As Uber and his family vacationed recently in the beautiful Emerald Coast region of the Florida Panhandle, a routine fishing trip unexpectedly turned into the angling memory of a lifetime. As the local resident and his family fished for red snapper in deep Gulf of Mexico waters, dinner plans appeared in order as a red snapper took the bait. But almost as quickly, the planned menu was suddenly altered.

Call it Shark Week, D-Town style. And Uber has the video to prove it!

“It was a large bull shark,” said Uber. “It was awesome! I caught it about six miles off the coast between Destin and Panama City. I caught a red snapper and was bringing it up when the big shark hit it. It was the fight of my life for about 8 to 10 minutes as I reeled it in.”

While Uber’s crew landed several red snappers and other saltwater fish for the table, the shark was cut loose when Uber got it to the side of the boat.

“After it was over, I asked Captain Larry how big it was and he said it was at least 300-pounds and about eight-feet in length,” said Uber, who has already enjoyed a good year of fishing for Lake Texoma striped bass and largemouth bass. “Needless to say, it was a great memory.”

As great a memory as it was, Uber said it was nearly topped by yet another shark catch.

“My son, Nate, had one on as well,” said Uber of his son, who will be a senior this fall at Denison High School as he returns to start in the backcourt for the Yellow Jacket basketball squad. “Unfortunately, he lost it before we could see it.”

Even so, if Uber should write an essay about his fishing trip at the start of school this year, my guess is that he should get an A+ on it.

After all, he’s the principal, not to mention an angler with a 300-pound bull shark on his fishing resume. Good luck topping that fishing story!