The previous head of the Lake Texoma Fisheries Station, before he retired, told me Little Mineral had maybe the highest level of nutrients on the lake. With the treated water from the Pottsboro plant and the many houses with in-ground sewers while meeting state and county standards, it only adds to the enrichment of the water in Little Mineral.

While this can be good for the fish, making plankton for Texoma’s shad population plentiful, it also causes the green, slimy moss to abound. Everything that was underwater now is coated with it. Drying out as the lake goes down, we are left with a little aroma in the air and ugly vegetation hanging in or on everything that was submerged.

It also reveals the largest amount of you aren’t going to believe that has washed up on the bank. If someone wants to start a clean up our shoreline event go for it. We have started cleaning up our shoreline and boat ramp but the lake still has to go down for us to really get after it.

As more of the beaches and shoreline shows up, take a garbage bag with you in your boat and when you pull up on your summer play areas pick up the trash before you start swimming or putting up pop-ups. Our large populations of Canadian Geese aren’t potty trained, so looking before stepping is a good idea.

During our high-water event this year we had a lot of trash fish bow hunters in the flooded woods at night in their special rigged boats, that were lit up like Christmas trees and the sound of air boats in the night was a regular thing. They were having a ball shooting Buffalo, carp and gars.

Now my fellow writer Lynn Burkhead, the bow expert of our shared outdoor writing, knows a lot more about this bow hunting than I do. This past week a local young bow man got the new Lake Texoma Jr. and maybe lake record for arrowing a Big Mouth Buffalo in Big Mineral that weighed 24.20 pounds at the Texoma Fisheries Station in Pottsboro.

Wade St. John of Sadler arrowed the record fish. He is 12 years old. His proud grandpa, Bobby Platt who holds the annual Texoma Crappie Derby, said they had to by him a bigger hat after he found out he had the new record.

I haven’t had a chance to go fishing this week as several things popped up. My water heater died from the rich calcium treated water we have out here that few people drink but use for everything else. As I emptied the heater before we moved it, it looked like milk running out on the grass. It was only two years old.

The best report I can give you is that the striper bite is still excellent. Live bait is the choice of a lot of the guides now but swimbaits and slabs are also working. Keep a rod with a topwater lure on it handy as there is also a lot of the surfacing sliver fish apt to come up anytime.

Joe Copeland’s Future Bass June Tournament showed bass fishing was good as the winners J.C. Thompson and Shane Fields won with a five-fish limit going 18.90 pounds. I talked to several teams who were fishing in our in our cove and they all had limits early and were looking to cull up.

I hope to be able to get on the water next week and have a good bass report for you. Lake traffic is getting heavier as more ramps become available so be careful. With the Fourth of July coming up it is only going to get worst lake traffic-wise.

A word of warning if swimming or playing on any of the banks check for lures that have been lost and drifted in and may just under the sand or in bushes. They bite and aren’t easy to get out unless you know how. Be careful with fireworks.