I’m beginning to think of me and Charlie fishing together is a lot like the old Harry and Charlie stories from earlier issues of Bass Master Magazine. They were always having problems and coming up with a story that related to fishing problems and having something or someone to blame.

Tuesday morning saw another episode of our fishing continue. Charlie said we were burning too much daylight by starting at a later time. He suggested we be on the water at 6 a.m. Right now, I’m comfortable with another cup of coffee and a later start but agreed to meet him at the ramp and we were on the water at six. It was a perfect morning — a light wind, cool air and spotty cloud cover.

Passing the no-wake buoy, he took off for our first stop. The dropping water had put some of our good spots shallower. More Buck Brush tops are visible and the high spots are getting shallower. Fish were chasing shad all over the lake at our first stop. The only problem was they were the wrong color.

Being purists we ignored them and started fishing the brush and shallower waters. I was in the back again and after a dozen or so casts, I sneaked in a cast or two for the silver fish. They weren’t any more willing to bite than our so far black bass. We have had a shad spawn and the water was working around the brush with shad about an inch or so long.

The bigger fish were eating them. My chunking only got a bump now and then, the reason or excuse I’m going to use is our lures were too big. There is a fishing theory that goes match the hatch. The aggressive fish were keyed in on the small bait and wouldn’t hit a big lure.

As we fished along Charlie and his Black Heddon Chugger teased a nice bass into a strike. The water exploded and Charlie missed the fish No. 1. We moved to another spot I caught a small striper on a Booyah Meele Chatter Bait. Charlie, watching me, went to take his lure out of the water and the water exploded as a big bass made a valiant try to take it home with him. No. 2 Charlie missed.

Setting in the back wearing my casting arm out, another nice bass missed his bait No. 3, He blamed his line and we moved again he had a nice bass on it got off No. 4, He changed his bait to a reel with braid because he thought he was giving the fish too much slack. After changing reels, he picked up the one he had been fishing with and putting a Baby Bass 5-inch swimbait on a belly spin he got another fish on.

I saw the fish as it turned sideways in the clear water and let him have his lure back No. 5. I was still setting in the back like a shy girl at a barn dance as no fish wanted to dance with me. Finally, I got a smallmouth on a Shaky Head jig with a YUM Houdini worm on it. Not long after I caught the skinniest sand bass I have ever seen.

Charlie was still missing fish and it could have been several reasons and I heard every one of them. Remember I was setting in the back with three fish to my credit. Charlie continued his battle; he was getting bites pretty regularly but still hadn’t put a fish in the boat. Now he is man enough to admit it he missed 12 strikes before No. 13 saw him put his first fish in the boat.

He had gone and bought a new set of scales and on them the fish weighed 2.75 pounds. Now so help me if I’m lying, I’m flying, his bass had both eyes gone. It must have honed in on the noise his bait was making.

Not long after he caught another and put it in the boat. We had been out since 6 a.m. and it was after 11 when we called it quits. He had 14 strikes and caught two bass. In the rumble seat I caught a smallmouth and two stripers.

Like I said it was a great morning to be out but Charlie will be thinking about the day his fish almost all got away.

With the high water and lack of ramps open the Red River Bass Club moved their June Texoma tournament to Lake Bonham and 25 people fished in miserable conditions. They caught 39 bass weighing 111 pounds.

Big Bass was caught by Mike Stout — a 6.99 pounder. First was Jerry Tonabbee and Jim Hill with 17.68 pounds, second was Mike Corzine and Dale Anderson with 17.57 pounds, third was Ed Larkins and Ellis Campbell at 14.52 pounds, fourth was Mark Bisson and Mike Stout with 12.80 pounds and fifth was Larry Wills and Durward Cook with 10.70 pounds. This week’s tournament will be on Pine Creek in Oklahoma.