If, and it’s a big if, you have access to a boat and want to catch some big fish and a lot of box fish, now is the time. Many of the guides have switched to live bait and are whacking the fish.

Finding bait now can be iffy for those fishing with it. The guides on the lake using artificial lures are also loading the boat. If you and some friends want to get in on this action but can’t find a boat, I suggest you gather up five or six friends and hire a guide. They furnish everything so all you have to buy is a Texoma Fishing License for $12.It lets you fish anywhere on Texoma but not below the Dam.

Believe me if you only fish a few times a year, hiring a guide and going fishing with him once or twice a year is a lot cheaper than owning a boat and you coming home with fish.

The high water hasn’t hurt the striper fishing at all. I can recommend Adventure Texoma Outdoors owner and guide, John Blasingame, but he told me Tuesday he was booked every day in June and July. There are some other good guides all over the lake.

If you just want to reel fish in, no casting and winding, my friend, Jerry Dorsey of Cross Creek Guide Service trolls, with the baits out; one hits, you reel it in — that can be a job sometimes. He is the one who heads up the welcome home meet and greet, fishing and feed event for our military each year.

While not showing up in numbers like the stripers, black bass are doing pretty fair themselves. The lake staying high still has them in the new brush, grass and on shallow points.

I’ve caught two fish over five pounds by fishing from a walkway. I had to work both fish down the walkway until I got close enough to where it went in the water to lip them. I have broken one off and lost another this week fishing from that walkway.

I’m using a Booyah Swimming 3/8 oz. Jig with a 3&3/4-inch white pulse swim bait with a belly blade I added to the Jig. It’s almost weedless and lets you toss it in some places an ordinary lure wouldn’t come out of and let you get it back. I’m just using a slow, steady retrieve trying to run it by or hit all the buck brush and shore grass I can.

There aren’t many bass boats out. I took mine out Wednesday and only saw one more bass boat but the wind was sure causing the lake to act up. I fished for almost two hours and caught one fish and was proud to have him. He was big and came out of the top of a buck brush just under the water.

I was fishing in a cove out of the wind and caught him as I was moving out. I never had a bite in the very back where Charlie and I caught some fish last week.

That noise coming from the lake at night in our area isn’t an airplane, although it sounds like one. There have been people with air boats hunting carp and buffalo at night with bows and using lots of light to show the fish. The noise can keep those trying to sleep awake.

This brings up another point I don’t care for. I don’t see why we needed more holidays to celebrate with fireworks. I think our reps in Austin let us down when they passed this. I like fireworks on the Fourth of July and New Year’s — that should be plenty.

For those who have asked and some who might be going to fish for them, crappie in our cove still haven’t shown up in numbers. I think they will when the water stabilizes. Last year they bit all summer long.

In my last week’s article, I warned people about launching in our cove because of underwater dangers. Well, down there Wednesday morning as Ginger and I watched a boat back off a trailer, it hit the fire pit, he bent his prop but still went fishing.

Be careful if boating on Texoma. Stay alert as there are lots of bugger bears in and just under water you could hit. Have a fun Memorial Day and stop for a minute sometime and silently thank those men and women who are serving, those who have served and those who came home on the angel flight. They are the ones who made this day able for you to enjoy.