I don’t mean Irish Green; I’m talking about all of the new, flooded stuff in the water.

Monday my fireman friend Charlie and I went fishing. Having two of us made for dry launching and me not having to get in the water. Charlie backed me in, pulled out and parked up on the hill. I picked him up at a boathouse and neither of us got wet.

I took off for the back of Little Mineral. It looks so good we both figured it would be catching, not fishing. Well something went wrong. No bait activity at all. We gave it the old college try. Giving up I ran to another stop where I had good luck in past years when we had the high water.

I caught one fish; we fished a while longer and I had another before Charlie had a good blow-up on his Heddon Lucky 13 and missed the fish. I made one more move and caught two more bass. I was throwing a Modified by me Booyah Swimming Jig. All my fish came out of green trees, green grass or buckbrush.

Charlie was still chunking and winding with nothing to show for his effort. Making a last move into another cove, Charlie finally caught a nice bass. It put on a jumping show for us. Charlie worked him to the boat and had his first and only fish of the day. It was a perfect day to be on the water. Working our way through the flooded timber and chunking at fishy places while just talking and looking around at all the places a fish could hide.

We were enjoying God’s gift to us both — a beautiful day and a good friend to share it with. We didn’t part the Red Sea like Moses did; we parted the trees as we moved. We didn’t have two of everything Noah did but we did see a dove.

As Charlie had to be somewhere else, we went in about 11 a.m. and loaded up. Monday the right kind of green stuff was the key. We didn’t figure that out until pretty close to the time we were leaving. Along with the green we also got a little wind blowing and it seemed to make a difference. We caught five fish.

While not an outstanding day fishing just being in a boat on the water on a day like Monday was icing on the cake. Tuesday I mowed my yard and Wednesday I fertilized it. Then I cleaned the flower beds of weeds, grass and little trees. I am also watching our ramp. The water is almost up to our wall. If we get the rain, they are forecasting it will make it easily.

All the walkways are now underwater — the one we used Monday is under now also. You can’t get to the boathouses now without wading.

There are several major bad things under the water you can no longer see. It’s launch at your own risk. The bigger marinas are open and letting people launch. You might want to pass up the little out of the way ramps until the water goes down.

Little Dixie Bass Club has changed its mind. They are not going to Broken Bow because of the amount of rain they have received in its water shed. Instead they will be fishing Lake Bonham this Saturday and Sunday.

Results from the Future Bass Trails April 19 tournament. Thirty-three teams fished Texoma. First place was Steve and Mark Ross were 21.04 pounds and big bass was a 5.33-pounder, second was Jeremy and Jerry Dietz at 18.97 pounds, third was Duane Smith and Jack Haden with 17.3 pounds, fourth was Jeff Rowland and Jimmy Phillips at 16.33 pounds and fifth was Charles Jewel and Jerrod Cockron 16.04 pounds.