I am an optimist: I don’t think Texoma will even get close to going over the spillway with this onset of water running in. I’m guessing it will hit 630 feet or less.

I’ve got a reason for it not to go any higher. I’ll have to move the Porta Potty up the hill if it does. You have to be careful and the person who helps steady the pot as it moves isn’t smelling roses. It’s hard to find a helper who wants this job; I’m driving but some brave soul has got to man up and help if it becomes necessary.

On the plus side, it’s comical to watch people not familiar with our ramp trying to launch their boat. Our ramp is way underwater now and to make things tougher, it runs off at an angle. They are bound and determined to launch even as water comes in their vehicles.

I even felt so bad for some people who were trying and getting nowhere, plus I was afraid they would back off the ledge and then tear up my recent ramp enhancement program we spent a bundle of money on to get ready for summer. I went down, pointed out where to back in and they couldn’t hit a bull in the rear end with a bass fiddle.

Finally, I asked one of the people in the boat with a bathing suit on to go down the ramp and stop when the water got above her waist, then I had the driver back up and by golly it worked. I don’t know what method they used to load up but they were gone that afternoon.

We recently had our annual neighborhood spring cleanup. We had 34 tires left at the gate as we couldn’t put them in the big trash container we rented. Finally, after about a month of looking at them I decided to see if I could bring them to a tire dealer and put them with the business tires.

Not one of them would take them unless we paid a $3 per tire fee. Finally, and thank you, Denison Bi-Lo, who said they would take them for $2 each. The only snag was we had to carry them up and put them in a big trailer. However, the guys who worked there made short work of it. Thank you whoever you were.

Red River Bass Club didn’t let the rising, muddy water keep them from holding its April tournament on Texoma. With 35 members and three guests fishing, they caught 82 bass. He will never admit it but the winner called me to ask where the fish were. I guess I was some help as they won.

First was Mike Corzine and Dale Anderson with five fish going 17.46 pounds and Mike had the big bass with a 5.47-pounder. Second was Tommy and Francis McWilliams with five at 15.50 pounds; third was Mark Bisson and Chris Farris with five at 15.45 pounds; fourth was Ryan Lovelace with five at 14.11 pounds and fifth was Cole Williams and Justin Marshal had five at 13.28 pounds. Next up for them is its May tournament on Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma.

Thursday morning, I got up early gave our “Daughter” her morning ride, fixed her breakfast with dessert, hitched up the boat and went fishing. It was a bit cool with a heavy mist. We will don our rain suit and most anything else needed to get there if we are going fishing.

The wind was out of the north about 20 miles per hour when I launched. After backing in far enough, I opened the door and climbed into the truck bed while holding on to the door. Then you back your boat off the trailer. Good so far but my truck was in water almost to its running board and I have an off-road truck.

Wading out to get to the hood, pull yourself up on it while sitting not standing, and work your way around to where you left the truck door open, swing down and pull out. No sweat for me either way and I’m 76.

I took off from our cove to the back of Little Mineral. The water was perfect until you got to the back, where the north wind had blown in enough muddy water that it was bad. Working the clearest water I could find with a White Booyah Spinner bait after a long time I caught a three-pound bass. Not long after I lost another fish on a White Booyah Chatterbait.

Moving and looking into creeks and spots out of the wind, I found fairly clear water in all of them. I missed a few bites before catching two stripers on a 3/8 oz. ball head jig with the 3 3/4-inch Pulse Swimbait in white. Moving for the last time found me fishing boat docks. It worked for three keepers and I just got lazy and missed some more. Good five-hour day and I got my feet washed for free.