Sometime in 2017, I wrote my article on being droned on Texoma. I was told when it came out, I would be notified. Nothing happened in 2018 and I let it slip my mind.

I got a surprise phone call from one of my friends in the Office at Pradco Outdoors Fishing — they have been one of my sponsors for a long time. I went where they wanted me to go and promoted their baits for 20-plus years. He told me my video was on the website. I found myself on the Bomber All Water Page — Half Baked. It was a little over five minute-long video but they did a great job of putting it together. If you would like to watch it go to their site.

I got a lot of exposure in no time at all. So far all of the replies have been nice.

While I have been Susan’s Uber driver for the last few weeks as she gets closer to being on her own in the car, my fishing trips have for the most part been close and short. The crappie had been slow about coming back to my brush I have in the water. Finally, they are showing up.

Ginger and I went down to close the gate Wednesday evening and ran into two of my friends who had about 10 or 12 nice crappie in their ice chest. They said the bite has moved in and it’s getting better each day.

With the rest of this week already spoken for by Susan and Ginger, the fish will get a break from me.

It hasn’t been all bad. Tuesday a friend of Susan’s came by and they went to get their fingers and toes groomed. I was hitched up to the boat and gone before her ride got there. As you know the projected rain was a no-show. Because of the forecast I didn’t call anyone to go with me thinking it might start raining. Well it didn’t but I went anyway.

When I launched it was a prefect day, a little wind, overcast and the water had a good color to it. I picked out a bank and started with a floating lizard; it never got a bite. My next choice was a Green Pumpkin YUM Mele Chatter Bait. I got a hit set the hook and my line was moving off, I was winding like crazy and losing ground.

If I’m not going fishing for a long time, I back the drags off on my reels. Well you should reset them before casting; the fish jumped and was gone. I thought I was on to something but I cast for a while and never got a bite. I picked up a white-headed ball jig I poured with a new YUM Pulse 4- inch swimbait, made a cast up by some walkway poles.

I started a medium-fast retrieve, letting it hit bottom now and then. I got a hard hit, set the hook and after a fun fight I put a bass close to five pounds in the boat. I took a selfie with the big bass but it wasn’t a really good one. Trying several more baits with no results, I remembered talking to my friend, Johnny Unerfusser, and he said he caught fish last Sunday on white Chatter Baits.

I had another rod with a white Mele Chatter bait with 4-inch white Pulse Swimbait. I caught seven more fish on white, the color made the difference. All of my fish but one was two pounds or bigger and all came on or just off the banks. After a fish drought to show for my last few trips, I was in hog heaven.

Finally it started to rain and, expecting the warnings of possible flooding or worse, I loaded in the rain and went home. After I put my boat in the garage and went in the house, the sun came out, the rain was gone. Weather man wrong again.

Crappie are biting as they go up creeks to spawn, Hagerman might be the place to be — there are a lot more creeks with water now than before. This weekend looks and sounds like it will be a perfect one to fish on.

Little Dixie Bass Club Texoma results for April saw 32 members and five guests fish and they caught 63 bass.

First was John Harms and Shane Morrison with 17.03 pounds, second was John Warsher and Ron Giesler at 15.64 pounds, third was Alex and Joe Johnson with 15.06 pounds, fourth was Cole Williams and Justin Marshell at 14.92 pounds and fifth was Larry Wills and Jack Mills totaled 14.77 pounds. Big bass was by Cole Williams at 5.73 pounds. Their next tournament is on Broken Bow Lake.