Lake Texoma, which had been slow for bass fishing, has started turning out some big bass and a lot of them.

The Texas Trail Zone had its tournament last Saturday out of Highport with 59 boats fishing and results were outstanding. Pottsboro Police Chief Shone Nix and James Rigdon won with five bass going 29-plus pounds and picked up a cool $5,000 plus had the big bass.

Last place that paid out was over 19 pounds. Lots of 16-17 pound weights and under didn’t make it.

On Sunday the J C Outdoors Trail fished Texoma with it taking well over 20 pounds to win. Lots of big fish were caught. There hasn’t been much said about what lures were working and where as well as the kinds of structure or any kind of information.

Several of the local teams who fished these tournaments were especially not wanting to put out much information as they also fish the Texas Team Trail coming up Saturday. This tournament is being filmed and will be shown on TV at a later date.

The lake is stained-to-muddy and that’s making sight fishing a little more challenging for those who fish that way. The falling lake level is not helping sight fishing as it’s forcing the fish to move out into deeper water.

Lake Texoma and Highport Marina get no rest this weekend. A FLW College Tournament is set for Friday and Saturday the Texas Team Trail is set to go out of Highport with over 200 boats. For the first time in a while they will allow trailering. The FLW High School tournament is also out of Highport.

Parking will be anywhere you can find an open spot. On the upper end of the lake the Little Dixie Bass Club will be going out of Catfish Bay. You might want to sit this weekend out and just go to the weigh-ins.

Monday I got the chance to go fishing and I took it. My bass fishing trips on the Little Mineral side had been mostly fishing, not catching, black bass trips. I decided to go to Highport — it was the first time since last year i had been on that side of the lake. I also knew some fish had been released from a tournament inside the marina.

I started with one of the new Booyah Mele Chatterbait’s in Green Pumpkin Color. This new bait from Booyah is a little less likely to hang up because the blade goes more back toward the hook, keeping it from hanging up. I was using a Yum Craw Pappy, which has big claws that easily move and make the bait more effective.

Highport has changed since I last fished it. I had to zig and zag in and out of boathouses moving down a bank I could once just troll through. I caught a good bass on the Mele. It had a fresh hook mark in its mouth making me think it was one of the released fish from a tournament.

Further along I had switched to a Bomber Red Crawfish Model 6A. Another fish stopped it and I got this one to the boat and when I was down on my knees fixing to lip it, the lure came flying out and almost caught me. Moving around the marina I had two more on the Bomber that I lost halfway to the boat.

I will sharpen the hooks. The last fish I hooked on a Carolina Rig using a Green Pumpkin Money Bug also got off. I was fishing it from the bank and when it got to the edge of a dropoff the fish hit it.This was all in the span of about two-and-a-half-hours.

Thanks to a friend who had the tools, I replaced one of my trailer boat supports that Texoma salt had eaten up. I had it strapped on for awhile just so I could go fishing. Well it’s fixed and I just registered my trailer for another year so I’m legal and can pull my boat without getting a ticket for an expired license plate.

I have been careful lately because Susan isn’t 100 percent yet and wants me close enough to help her if needed. I’m also becoming a good housekeeper. I did get a lecture on not to put her clothes in the dryer and turn it on high like I do mine. They shrinked up some.