Duck season ended last month, football season wrapped up last Sunday, and the best bass fishing of the year is still several weeks away.

While that all seems like a recipe for a good old fashioned case of the midwinter blues - or cabin fever as some might say - there is actually a bright spot on the calendar this next week.

Actually, there are three bright spots coming up when you consider that Valentine’s Day is next Thursday, Feb. 14. If you’ve got a spouse, significant other, or a sweetheart of any kind, consider yourself forewarned.

After Cupid’s big day concludes next week, it’s then time for two annual Ducks Unlimited fundraising events here in the Texoma region, both offering some great food along with plenty of outdoors themed goodies for a few lucky ducks - yes, the pun is intended- to take home.

First up is the annual Texoma Ducks Unlimited Couple’s Dinner, scheduled for next Friday, Feb. 15 at the Sherman Municipal Building Ballroom. Located at 405 N. Rusk, the doors open up at 6 p.m.

As has been the case many times when the long running Grayson County DU event arrives on the mid-February calendar, this year’s quacker backer fundraiser will feature a catered meal from Savoie’s Cajun Pot of Shreveport. The bayou themed menu will include fried chicken fingers, fried shrimp, crawfish etoufee, and more.

According to local DU chairman Kris Spiegel of Denison, this year’s Texoma DU Couples event will feature perhaps the best list of firearms ever given at the midwinter event by way of auction, raffles, and special games (winners will have to pass the NICS background check).

“It should be another big event,” predicted Spiegel. “Besides the Cajun dinner by Savoie’s, we’ve got maybe the best gun list to date for this event, including a ‘Tiffany Blue’ Glock handgun that will be one of our ladies’ special raffle items that night.”

Spiegel said that the group will also give away the DU Rifle of the Year, a Howa 1500 model in 6.5 Creedmoor. Incidentally, the local DU chairman notes that the DU Rifle of the Year is being presented by Classic of Texoma. Other firearms by such manufacturers as Beretta, Henry, Kimber, Marlin, Mossberg, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Stoeger and Winchester will also be available.

“We also have a four-man fishing trip — either on the Red River or Lake Texoma — which is being presented by Terry Kasper,” said Spiegel. “And Denison’s own Dakota Stowers and his North Texas Outfitters crew are giving us a four-man duck hunt too.”

Other items to be raffled and auctioned off include 30-lbs. of Wagyu beef in a K2 cooler, all donated by Jared Kelley Cattle Company. Spiegel says there will also be plenty of other DU sporting art, decorative items and collectibles, and plenty of outdoors gear given out in the live auction, silent auction, raffles, special games, and door prizes.

Advance ticket prices to next week’s Texoma DU event are $45 for singles and $50 per couple. Spiegel says tickets will be available the night of the event, but he also notes that ticket prices will increase by $10 at the door.

For information on the 2019 Texoma DU Couples event, contact Spiegel at 903-820-8882 or previous Texoma DU chairman Eric Kloppers at 903-815-2229.

Finally, keep in mind that the following evening on Saturday, Feb. 16, the Red River Valley Chapter of Ducks Unlimited over in Gainesville will host its 2019 fundraiser.

Catered by Dieter Brothers Barbecue, the annual Cooke County quacker backer dinner will be held once again at the Gainesville Civic Center with doors opening at 6 p.m.

For information on that Gainesville DU fundraising banquet, contact Phil Bellows at 940-736-3885.

To find out more about Ducks Unlimited and its 87-year long history of conserving and restoring wetlands and the waterfowl habitat that they support, visit the website at