I’m often asked where they get the lake water temperature they publish on TV. I wish I knew because it never agrees with what most of the people fishing are reading on our LCRs.

I heard at one time the corps took it at the powerhouse intake 5 feet down. I have never been able to find it on their lake info page. We get water levels and generation times from them and that’s about it. I was getting 50 degree water Sunday while Johnny Unerfusser and I were fishing. The TV weather had showed the lake was several degrees warmer than what we got from my LCR — so just wondering.

I told you about my battery going dead last week and you might want to put a pair of short jumper cables in your boat. When I got it home, I tested it and it had 12.5 volts. I charged it overnight and it got up to 13.7 volts.

I got a scare after I put the new battery in the boat, it started and ran but the volt meter in the dash showed nothing. I thought I might have had the motor charge starter go bad. That is a rather expensive item to replace.

I came off the lake and went to Gary’s Boat Repair close to my house. If you have boat problems and need them fixed, he is the man to come see. He got his meters and came out and very quickly found the problem — my engine volt meter wasn’t working. The meter was bad, not my motor charger.

He found one that worked in his used treasure bin and installed it. It works great, and he only took about 45 minutes from the time I got there till I was on my way home. I recommend him if your boat has been having any kind problem or needs winterized.

Sunday morning, I called Johnny and said “let’s go fishing.” He had taken me a couple of times earlier in his boat and it was my turn. We got on the water about 7:45 a.m. I ran to my first winter stop. I had the YUM 4- inch Pulse on one rod with a 1/2 oz. Jig head and a War Eagle 7/8 oz. Natural Shad Jigging spoon.

First cast with Pulse I had a bass; Johnny caught one and I got another. I switched to my rod with the War Eagle Spoon on it. It was drop jig a couple of times and pull in a bass or striper. We caught both easily and the very good hook and swivel that War Eagle put on the Spoon is a great help, we missed very few fish using it.

Moving to another spot Johnny wanted to fish, I had my 4-inch Yum White Pulse and jig head and rod in my hand. I had gone fishless for a while, when I cast behind a boathouse. As I started moving it there was a feeling like I was dragging it through some molasses.

I set the hook and got what I first thought was a catfish as it pulled and stayed down. Finally, I worked it to the side of the boat and it was a largemouth bass that would push six pounds or better. Johnny took pictures and I let the fish go.

We caught probably 15 fish — stripers and bass — including two in the four-pound range, Johnny caught both on a Suspending Jerk Bait. Our fish came both deep and shallow. We were off the lake by noon.

Here is an idea for dad to get something from the kids — get him a card of War Eagle jigging spoons or a bag of YUM Pulse 4-inch swim baits. It’s getting that time of year when they really start working. In cold water a slow retrieve is better than a fast one. One of the best winter baits you can have in your lure box now is a Blakemore Road Runner. It’s designed for this kind of slow fishing.

I use a 1/4 oz. Road Runner head, with a soft plastic three-to-four inch-long swim bait on it. To all of my readers and friends have a very Merry Christmas and go fishing more next year.

Well it has been a long, fun ride the last three years chasing the Gunter Tigers. I guess a 45-2 record is pretty good. Not making excuses for losing to Canadian; they were a good team but for some reason we didn’t play Gunter ball. Canadian played seven men on the line with the line backers filling the gaps, it’s what Newton did to us last year. It was a long drive home, but we knew it would end someday. Next year we start a new run and I’ll be with them all the way. Go Gunter.