The late fall and early wintertime striped bass bite is heating up at Lake Texoma according to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

In fact, in ODWC’s latest fishing report, the agency reports that striper fishing is currently rated as good on both the 89,000-acre Lake Texoma as well as in the Red River tailwater flowing beneath Denison Dam.

Interested in getting in on the good angling action for the region’s hard-fighting linesiders as water temperatures cool down? Well, on the big lake itself, ODWC notes that dead-sticking is a great tactic right now when anglers use either light colored or pink five-inch Flukes paired with a 3/4-oz. jig head.

To dead-stick for stripers on the big lake, ODWC says to look for schools of fish by simply watching for bird activity or by analyzing your boat’s electronics. Once you locate a school of fish, then simply drop the Fluke to the depth of the school. Then hold the rod as still as you can while waiting for a bite.

In the tailrace below Denison Dam, try using a casting cork paired with a Fluke that is tied approximately four-feet underneath the cork. ODWC says to drift the cork in the Red River current until you get a strike. Incidentally, white and glitter-flaked Flukes are producing the most bites in the tailwater fishery.

Dead-sticking can be a somewhat difficult technique to master as the popular fishery chills down towards the dead of winter. But when you get it down, the results can be numerous hard fighting striped bass that will fight hard all the way to the boat.

Not to mention providing a hot and tasty meal for the dinner table along with a big smile guaranteed to warm up a cold wintertime day.