If you get the chance this Friday night, come out to the VFW Lake Post 7873 and show our military your support for what they are doing to keep us safe. Plus, the hamburgers are good and just visiting with these people is fun. There is also a karaoke show going on and some of these people can sing. Troops arrive and fun starts around 7 p.m.

A fishing trip for them on Saturday is being furnished by local Texoma guides and volunteer boaters. Vietnam Veterans Post 973 will furnish breakfast Saturday morning prior to them going fishing. Weigh-in will be around 11 a.m. at Little Mineral. Lunch is furnished by Georgetown Baptist Church. Elks Lodge 238 and Amvets Post 231 will take care of supper and breakfast Saturday night and Sunday morning.

It’s no secret that I like colder weather to fish in. Cloud cover and a moderate wind just makes it better. I had days this summer that sucked me dry like a squeezed lemon. I caught fish but it wasn’t pleasant staying out there after the sun got going. Except for the one time I went to rescue a boathouse, my boat hasn’t been in the water since the lake rise.

Wednesday, I went fishing. At our ramp now launching is a two-man job if you don’t want to get your feet and knees wet. I was by myself and didn’t see a problem. I backed in where I knew the ramp is. The boat didn’t float off. I backed up more with all four wheels in the water and I had to go back further. Finally I saw the boat move and stopped.

Now the other problem arose. I had to open the door and swing myself around to get in the bed of the truck without falling in. Made it out into the truck bed, then on to the tongue of the boat trailer, lifted the bow and jumped in as it floated off. Started it up and couldn’t use our courtesy dock because of the high water.

Went around to a sandy deep bank to run up on. Jumped out of the boat and looked at my truck and should have done a little more thinking before launching. The truck was still there surrounded by water and I would get wet if I tried to get to the cab.

Now I like cold water for fishing, not wading. I drive Susan crazy because I never see any problem my great mind and agile body can’t get me out of. There was a six-foot-long 2x6 that had floated up on the bank and stayed there when the lake started falling. I put one end on my bumper the other on almost dry land, walked it out to my truck sit on the hood and bumped my way around till I got to the door.

Then had to get up on the cab, lean over enough to get the door open while not sliding off. I worked my way into the cab using the door and cab lip and rolled back just enough for the board to fall in the water and drove out. Not a problem for a 75-year-old to solve. Found a friend to help me load up when I came back because I didn’t want to press my luck.

As I left our cove the gulls were going crazy on the east bank. Several boats were already there and I was looking for bass anyway. I left them behind as I headed for where I wanted to start. I picked up my rod with a Norman Medium Running Fire Tiger crankbait. It wasn’t long before I got a small Kentucky in the boat.

I missed another, caught a decent fish but he jumped off. Not long after I got a hard hit, set the hook and he got off. When I got my lure in, I saw why. The fish had taken my hook and split ring off the bait. I picked up my Spinnerbait but after working a long bank of flooded timber with no hits I put it up.

I saw a swirl and shad jumping. The only other rod I had out had a jig head with one of the new YUM 4-inch Pulse Swim Body on it. This bait is great, it has ribbed sides and a big tail that give off vibrations. I threw it out where I had saw the swirl and let it hit the bottom, hopped it got about three turns when it stopped, then it pulled back.

After a fun fight I got a nice bass in the boat. I thought I had it figured out. I did sort of. I caught 26 fish on three of those Pulse body’s and lost one jig. The only part I wasn’t happy with is the bank was loaded with small-to-medium size stripers. But once I started catching them, I just decided I would stay.

When the fish finally moved off, I started looking around for similar banks with the wind blowing in on them. I finally caught one more bass on a Booyah White-Chartreuse Spinnerbait. It was a fun day despite my little problem launching, thank goodness I don’t weigh much so I didn’t dent my truck anywhere. Living at the lake and getting out of fixes I get into — who needs a gym to stay strong, lean and healthy, plus my brain works overtime solving lake-related problems.

Weekly prediction! Gunter Tigers close a perfect district record and roar into the playoffs with a win in another catfight. Gunter tames the Callisburg Wildcats by 30 points.