ROUND ROCK — Melissa sophomore Judson Greer won the Class 4A individual cross-country state championship with a time of 15:02.90 at Old Settlers Park on Saturday afternoon.

Greer, who was the bronze medalist last year, took the crown with a time that was nearly five seconds ahead of San Elizario’s Edwin Gomez. Canyon’s Samuel Ashley was a distant third in 15:40.49.

The Cardinals finished sixth in the team standings. Jackson Scribner was 21st with a time of 16:34.67 while Lucas Tauch was right behind in 16:34.78, Blake Chaloupka was 80th in 17:23.23, Carson Ross placed 139th in 18:26.95, Tristan Weaver was 147th in 18:51.05 and Jaden Smith was 151st in 20:02.42.

Gainesville’s Cooper Goldsworthy was 41st with a time of 16:54.43.

Celina’s Cody Clark placed 50th with a time of 17:01.19.

On the girls side, Celina’s Adele Clark was seventh with a time of 11:53 and helped the Lady Bobcats to an 11th-place finish in the team standings. Lily Green was 58th in 12:46.75, Hannah Thompson was 74th in 12:50.79, Ashlyn Vana was 117th in 13:34.80, Brianda Rosales was 120th in 13:39.30, Emma Cash placed 123rd in 13:43.23 and Imara Musunza was 129th in 13:53.68.

The Anna girls were 13th in the standings and led by Caroline Boykin, who was 28th with a time of 12:26.74. Aimee Landers was 75th in 12:53.33, Audra Wells was 94th in 13:21.51, Skyla Mackey was 104th in 13:24.25, Abigail Katke was right behind in 13:24.99 and Madison Hemenway placed 118th in 13:35.29.

Melissa’s Alison Kocsis was 77th with a time of 12:56.

Class 3A

Whitesboro’s Michael Urbina finished as the state runner-up and helped the Bearcats to a fourth-place finish in the Class 3A state meet.

Urbina had a time of 15:34.62 that was behind only the 15:29.98 of champion Kevin Baez of Vanderbilt Industrial.

Max Merlyn was ninth with a time of 16:28.08 while Hunter Case was 63rd in 17:37.24, Osvaldo Melchor placd 75th in 17:48.88, Manuel Labrada was 104th in 18:18, Angel Ruiz finsihed 109th in 18:20.22 and Jorge Montes was 132nd in 18:58.63.

The Pilot Point boys were sixth in the team standings and led by Adam Mendoza, who was eighth with a time of 16:27.61. Ethan Hite was 66th in 17:38.89, Ubaldo Nandin was 77th in 17:49.52, Ruben Calderon was 80th in 17:50.63, Juan Giron was 90th in 18:02.79, Sergio Portillo placed 110th with a time of 18:21.15 and Jorge Ramirez was 113th in 18:24.24.

The Van Alstyne boys placed 15th in the team standings and were led by Bryce Sevarino, who was 24th with a time of 16:54.81. Ashton Dennis was 102nd in 18:16.21, Marcus Cooper placed 107th in 18:19.95, Blake Hyatt was 134th in 19:00.33, Sergio Castillo was 136th in 19:02.47, Cade Milroy placed 138th in 19:04.46 and Jordan Caldwell finished 145th in 20:20.40.

Bonham’s Tony Cruz placed 59th with a time of 17:33.71.

The Pilot Point girls finished in 10th place and the Van Alstyne girls were 11th in the team standings.

Brisa Hernandez led the Lady Bearcats with a 10th-place finish in 12:12.11 while Lindsey True was 79th in 13:16.55, Claire Thompson was 82nd in 13:18.65, Maddie Mascari placed 113th in 13:51.20, Jessica Zackery was one spot behind in 13:51.89, Starr Fox was 14:05.73 and Leticia Ascencio was 149th in 14:55.08.

G’Daiya Hall led the Lady Panthers with time of 13:00.25 to finish 54th while Kate Carson was 90th in 13:25.86, Jenna Leinart was 97th in 13:33.54, Sara Fernandez was right behind in a time of 13:33.65, Olivia Edwards was 129th in 14:09.07, Margie Carson placed 134th in 14:14.16 and Morgan Bruton was 151st in 15:58.38.

Whitesboro’s Kelli Cunningham was 36th with a time of 12:48.36.

Gunter’s Sarah Denton was 71st in a time of 13:12.07.

Leonard’s Audrey Shaw was 73rd with a time of 13:12.51.

Class 2A

The Sam Rayburn girls finished 10th as a team in the Class 2A state meet.

A.J. Johnson led the Lady Rebels with a time of 12:51 to finish 29th while Addy Nichols was 47th in 13:10.36, Kaylee Brinlee was 60th in 13:20.44, Journey Rhoads was 81st in 13:35.27, Avreigh Chaffin was 119th in 14:10.20, Cadence Connerley placed 135th with a time of 14:46.85 and Avery Connerley finished 139th 15:05.13.

On the boys side, Honey Grove’s Brandon Ramirez was 37th with a time of 17:50.06.

Sam Rayburn’s Logan Sanderson was 48th with a time of 18:04.34.